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summer | a memory

boy kissing girl's cheek

Yeah I guess this photo looks pretty random now, but it actually isn’t.  Cute, yeah?  Anyone reading my post last week about ‘fear’ could be forgiven for seeing it as a miserable rant, and think that I had no good memories of this summer.  I’d hate to have come across that way!  In actual fact I have quite a number of happy memories; as you can probably tell, this photo included.  Also, anyone who read through the comments on said post may have started to speculate a little.  One comment said to ‘post that picture’, so here ‘that picture’ is.  I’ve realised that in saying what I did, I might have hurt somebody who was a part of those good memories and that I care about a lot.  Nothing can take these memories away, no matter how much circumstance got in the way of making more.  Yeah, ‘we’ existed.

lily kate x
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