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Topshop Birthday Dress 2.0 & A Mini Epiphany About The ‘Busy Life’


Evenin’ evenin’.  All going well this post *should* pop up whilst I’m in Hamburg, but all going well I *should* be asleep right now before going to Hamburg so we’ll see!  Alarm’s set for 3:30am (lord have mercy) and my body clock’s doing that really cool thing where it’s decided 10pm is a great time to be awake the night before.  It’s really screwing me over lately, this damn body clock.  Practically sleepwalking around Sainsbury’s at 1:30pm but wide awake video editing at 1:30am?  (Which you should totally go check out the video from btw… shameless plug).  Sudden onset tiredness at 3pm after naturally waking up at 5:30am?  So much sense!

I very nearly started typing about my busy week ahead just then, but remembered a little epiphany that hit me a few days ago.  I’d been talking to my mum about how I had X Y and Z to do on this day and that day before going here and there and blah blah blah… when she told me to ask myself how many of the things on my ‘to do’ list I actually needed to do and only bother about those.  And it kinda dawned on me that I’ve been being a bit daft.


I get caught up in this ‘I am very busy’ mindset when half of it is stuff that doesn’t matter.

Maybe I just like the idea of always having my plate very full (literally and metaphorically).  I don’t do a very good lazy, that’s for sure.  Unless I’m hungover.  But yeah, there are so many inspiring people out there working super hard and doing super amazing things, that I just can’t help but feel like you have to feel constantly busy or you’re just gonna stagnate.


I guess I unintentionally put pressure on myself to keep up with this, that, and the other and feel like I want to overdeliver, when in actual fact the only things I need to keep on top of are uni assignments and occasional blog deadlines for brands.  The rest?  Doesn’t really matter.  Nobody’s going to notice if I go MIA on the blog for a few days, upload a video 2 weeks late, or my gym routine slides for a week, are they?  Nobody’s world is going to end and this whole ‘busy busy busy’ mindset isn’t necessary.  Motivating, yes.  Necessary, no.

I realise the irony of saying this whilst awake when I should 100% be asleep btw.

Funnily enough, the day after my ‘epiphany’ I saw a link from a Facebook friend to this article from the New York Times, and it put my jumbled thoughts into far more eloquent words perfectly.  Granted the examples it gave were more extreme, but the general idea was pretty much what had dawned on me.  I’d very much encourage any fellow busybodys to go read it, and see if anything clicks in your mind too. 🙂




Mini epiphany over lol.  Let’s move onto more frivolous things.  Like this absolute babe of a Topshop dress.  Which happens to be my Birthday Dress 2.0 – my mum had picked out this stunner for me, but sadly it was too short, sob.  Pretty dresses ain’t so pretty when they flash your buttcheeks.  Naturally Topshop brought out the tall version the day after I’d exchanged it.  When else?



Luckily I’m equally as big a fan of this velvety one (the frills! the bows!) and will probably get more wear out of it anyway.  The dress won’t look OTT for daytime but I’ve already worn this exact outfit on a night out (without the fedora obvs – even I wouldn’t wear a fedora in a club) too, so that’s a good start.  Bonus night out points to the boots for being the perfect shape/heel to A) not make your feet hurt like a bitch, B) not give too much unnecessary height, and C) not get trapped between paving stones and leave you needing your friend to pull you out like stilettos do.  Just me that’s happened to?…


Dress: Topshop | Boots: Primark | Fedora: New Look


Anyway, it’s definitely time I caught some Zs now – because whaddya know, I genuinely have a busy 2 days ahead.  After that though?  I’m gonna remind myself that I’m not actually as busy as I think I am and get a grip. 🙂

lily kate x

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P.S Guess who’s made it on the list of Top 100 UK Fashion Blogs this week?  This gal’s sitting happy at number 58. 😀

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