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the bomber jacket – how I wore it

Casual teen shorts outfit

Happy Monday guys and gals.  I can still just about keep track of what day it is.  Providing all goes to plan, when this goes live I’ll be enjoying a very excited happy Monday, chilling in Manchester terminal 1, snacking and chatting and peoplewatching whilst waiting to board the plane.  I’ll be wearing this bomber jacket (vicious airport air conditioning, I’m ready for ya) and hopefully won’t have spilled anything down it.  But that’s only a hope, not a promise.  I’ll more than likely have forgotten something, and be checking my passport a good 20 times an hour.  I’ll just be excited, tbh. 🙂


I won’t be wearing my cat shorts – much as I love them for daytime casual and going out (yes I’ve worn cat print shorts to a nightclub lol) I don’ think they’re quite plane attire.  It’s been months since I last mentioned them, I’m doing well!





bomber jacket: New Look (on sale!) | shorts: H&M | top: Primark | shoes: TU at Sainsbury’s


I, along with the rest of the population, have a bit of a thing for bomber jackets at the minute.  Can always count on me to be original.  After wearing my denim jacket pretty much every day for the last god knows how long, I’ll welcome the change with open arms.  This one may or may not have been a sneaky New Look sale purchase the other day – I think there are a bunch of bomber jackets still available if you’ve had your eye on one too!  The cute prints and embroidered ones were tempting but I decided to be boring in the end.



Monday’s as good a time as any for a wee life catchup too. 🙂  To be honest I’ve been at a bit of a loss what to do with myself this week – not for lack of stuff to do (my to-do list will be cleared when I’m 90, seriously) but for lack of knowing where to start.  Somehow it already feels like ages since exams and revision, and it’s only slowly been sinking in that I don’t ever have to go back.  I sound like I hated college but I really didn’t – I just felt so impatient to leave and be done with it!  Now that I suddenly do have more time on my hands I’m just figuring out the best ways to use it.  So far that’s included lots of time in the gym… time with friends… blog planning, blogging and photographing… aimless social media scrolling… suitcase packing… getting soaked in the rain… and lots of *cough* drinks.  All in good fun. 🙂


On a final note, I finally got my backside into this century and joined Snapchat.  I stealth followed a load of people for a while lol, but I’m snapping (read: playing with filters) myself now!  This week in Budapest should be really fun and far more interesting than snapping my bedroom and avocado on toast, so I’m @lilykatefrance if you want to come along!

lily kate x

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