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Shopping is a far nicer experience when the retail staff are nice, right?  I’m guessing you’d all agree that friendliness makes a real difference.  Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing my own little retail research, to see where the most helpful and nicest shop assistants can be found.   Obviously this was only based on the specific staff, working on specific days, in specific branches, so elsewhere may be completely different!

Quiz Clothing are currently full to the brim with prom dresses, so trying one on was, of course, compulsory!  Abi (Abby? Abbie? sorry I’m not sure!) was lovely and chatty, and brought me heels to try on with the pretty dress.  Personally I love it when staff are happy to just chat and offer advice; makes for a much more fun experience!
quiz-shop-assistant Next stop, French Connection.  As they’re a fairly high end brand I had fairly high expectations, but their sale selection in the window caught my eye.  I tried on a pair of trousers and she offered to find a top for me to try with them, which was really helpful.

shop-assistant-french-connection This guy, Andy, made me laugh!  Apparently the TK Maxx changing rooms were getting quite boring on the Sunday afternoon and he was ‘about to slip into miserable mode’, just after I’d commented that he seemed very friendly and upbeat.  Seemed very jolly to me! 😀 shop-assistant-tkmaxx It’d be unfair to judge the girls who were rushed off their feet tending the changing rooms in Primark, but at the counter we were served by a very cheerful lady called Hema.  I know lots of people don’t like the ‘have a nice day’ kind of thing, but I find it really sweet when they ask how your day’s going!

In Topshop, the changing room assistant was friendly enough, but not exactly focused on her job.  I asked if an inconvenient security tag could be removed, and when it was sent back she placed it back on the rail, leaving me waiting half naked behind a curtain until I realised she’d forgotten.  Probably just having an absentminded moment.  The recently opened River Island in Preston city centre also failed to impress; whilst not being unpleasant, the sales assistants didn’t exactly exude friendliness.  Neither tried to even make eye contact or offer a ‘hello’.

I understand that everyone’s entitled to an off half hour on these busy weekend shifts, so please don’t be offended!  I’ve referred to ‘shop assistants’ here but I’m sure there’s a more modern title that I haven’t come across.

Where do you enjoy shopping most?

lily kate x

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    Matthew Pike (@mat_buckets)
    5th February 2014 at 10:21 pm

    I love this as an idea for a series, be great to hear more about your experiences. It’s great to hear so good stories as appose to all doom and gloom. I got to America quite a bit and they have it down to a t. I like the have a nice day approach actually, just a little bit of interest works for me.

    Buckets & Spades

    • Reply
      6th February 2014 at 4:01 pm

      Maybe I should make it into a series¬ I’ve been to America twice too and apart from one woman in Walmart, I can’t remember anyone that wasn’t cheery and friendly. I think that little bit of interest is really important – makes an experience far more memorable. 🙂

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    6th February 2014 at 2:35 pm

    Hi, there! An American here. Years ago, I used to work two jobs, one of which was in retail (Accessories and Mens were my domain). What was drummed into us then — and I would argue is even more relevant today — was that shoppers can go any number of places to buy what we were selling. What makes people loyal to a store is the experience. This means how they’re treated. Did you make them feel welcome? Did you meet their needs? (I say this because sometimes people just want you to leave them alone while they shop.) Customer service is the difference, especially in this digital age. People should support those places that take it seriously, and acknowledge those who do it well. It’s a hard gig!

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      6th February 2014 at 4:04 pm

      I love receiving comments from people all over the world, thanks for stopping by! I guess shoppers literally can go anywhere, and when it’s so easy to buy online, I guess the enjoyable shopping experience becomes even more important. I definitely do acknowledge the people that do it well; I’ve never done it myself but I can imagine it’s pretty tough going!

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