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The one transitional dress you need this season

For Autumn in a parallel universe where transitional wear is actually a thing for longer than a week, btw.  We all know there’s a fat chance of that happening.  Fear not though, I have searched the shelves and come up with the goods to cruise right on through 1 week of Autumn into freezing cold drizzly winter.  Hear me out!


Open shoulders and long sleeves = perfect Autumn combination.  We can continue with this refusal to wear anything that covers our collarbones – seriously I’m sure 90% of tops I’ve seen (and worn) all summer have been cold shoulder or bardot – but not freeze to death.  And/or look like you’re desperately clinging onto  I don’t know about you, but I can handle bare legs for far longer than I can brave bare arms.

Bows on the wrists are cuteeee but not ‘twee’ cute.  I have a fine line with ‘too cute’.  Pink and bows and frills are too much, so if you’re like me and prefer your cuteness in moderation, here’s your one piece wonder.  Bows peeping out under a leather jacket?  Yes pls.


It’ll perfectly conceal a Sunday lunch food baby, without being baggy and sack like.  I ain’t a fan of sack like clothes – some girls can pull them off, but not I.  Who wants to eat a cosy hearty autumn-y meal in a tight dress or jeans though?  Not about that.  Behold the godsend of elasticated waistbands to bridge the gap between ‘sack clothes’ and spanx.

Doesn’t look daft with or without tights.  A pet peeve of mine?  Outfits that look like a someone’s jumbled together their summer holiday clothes they haven’t unpacked until 2 months later, and Christmas jumpers.  Sandals and scarves in the same outfit?  Huhhh?  Strappy sundresses with tights and boots?  Nah.  This cutie works equally well with or without the black opaques though, and doesn’t look like you’re in denial of a perennial summer.


It’ll easily dress up or down.  Swap the knee socks and ankle boots for thigh high boots, swipe on a vampy lippy and you’re good to go.

And finally one for my fellow tall girls: it isn’t insanely short!  Hallelujah for floaty dresses that actually float beyond your backside.  Now if someone wants to find me a pair of over the knee socks that don’t need pulling up every 0.3 seconds, that would be FAB…


Lipstick is NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo – I’ve religiously worn a Bobbi Brown plummy colour for the past couple of winters (god it makes me shudder to be talking of WINTER already) but think this one *might* just pip it to the post this year.  Slightly less intense therefore makes me look slightly less deathly pale.


(Oh and the dress is only £13. Direct link!)


How are you approaching this transitional malarkey?  I’m currently looking out my bedroom window onto grey skies whilst happy in the knowledge that I’ll be in 28 degree Spanish sunshine this time tomorrow, so I can legit wear the sundresses for a couple of days before coming home to long sleeves again.  Autumn shall resume on Friday!

lily kate x

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