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lily diaries | what I got up to in August

Hola from Barcelona!  Whilst packing / getting organised / attempting to sort my life out before this mini trip, I was about to wipe my SD card to make space and found a whole load of August pics that were yet to grace le blog.  So in my absence, here they all are in an epic installment of the Lily Diaries. That makes me sound like I take myself wayyy to seriously. I don’t, promise.  It’s my camera roll, basically. August was a fun month!


A girly day in Manchester

Gotta love a girls day out. 😀  We ate, we window shopped, we wandered, we art-gallery-perused, we drank cocktails.  And took lots of photos because lol bloggers.


Let’s just say we went to town on cheat day.  Curly fries, anyone?




Manchester’s the best for quirky little shops and kilo sales.  Pop Boutique nails the vintage look.


The ex-art student in me loved Manchester Art Gallery.  Sometimes I’m a maths geek, sometimes I love me some good arty stuff.  This day was an arty Lily day!  I wish I could show you the Vogue 100 Century of Style exhibition but alas, nope.  No cameras allowed.  Definitely my favourite exhibition in the whole gallery so that was a bummer!  If you’re in Manchester, then definitely swing by.


Toni actually made a short YouTube vid whilst we were out and about – she’s super talented with video so go check it out!


What’s a girly day that doesn’t end with cocktails?  All hail Tutle Bay happy hour.


Shooting the Jones and Jones AW16 collection

You may remember back in March I modelled the JJ Studio collection with Jones and Jones, and in August I shot their coming Autumn/Winter collection too.  This Bella style was one of my favourite dresses, although I’d say the whole collection is my favourite yet so deciding was tough!


I seriously need Charlene to do my makeup every day.   She makes me so glowy!

Yours truly is now on the new in page. 😛


Spotted myself on the wall in J&J HQ too!

Outdoor fitness

I popped along to a fitness bootcamp / trial day kind of thing which involved getting sweaty doing squats and lunges in the sun (SO much harder on long grass!), a pilates class under the trees, and a waterfight.  All in good fun!  UcLan sports centre are looking to run fitness retreats so this was just a trial to hear our thoughts.  Thinking about it, this was probably my only outdoor workout this month – shame on me!  Excuse is that my running armband has broke and my new phone’s too big to tuck in my bra lol.  Still been in the gym though. 🙂


Cute coffees

Because if there’s a new coffee place in town,  I’m sure as hell gonna give it a whirl.  Cedarwood Coffee Co., you’re looking good so far!


That may or may not be because you provide an excellent vantage point for peoplewatching.  Winckley St is one of my fave streets in Preston – so many cafes and Italian restaurants in one place!  Plus the cobbles and courtyards are kinda cute.


LivHelps Blogger Event

Another spontaneous one!  I literally saw a couple of tweets with the #LivHelps hashtag on Saturday morning, had a nosy at what was going on, and within half an hour was in the car en route to Liverpool to join in the fun.  Why not eh?  Was great to finally put more names to faces and catchup with bloggers I’d not seen in ages!


My smash and grab outfit of the day – don’t think I’ve ever thrown a combination together so quickly! Marks and Spencer culottes, Top Shop bodysuit, Dorothy Perkins flats.


And the goodie bag?  We definitely lucked out with this one.  I’m all sorted and smelling nice right now!  So far I’ve tried a couple of items (loving the Trust Fund nail polish especially) and have saved some to use as travel toiletries.  Because we all know travel minis from Boots are the biggest ripoff that ever existed.


Slowly been munching my way through this box of treats too – thanks so much Sammy for organising such a fab goodie bag!  This Love With Food box is right up my alley.  Anything that tastes like dessert but is actually healthy is good in my book.


18th Birthdays

The last few of my friends have finally turned 18, woo!  The last few weeks have involved a hell of a lot of food and drinks and smiles and that’s perfectly fine with me. 😀


Anddd that’s all from me today.  Tell me about your August!

lily kate x

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