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lily diaries | what I got up to in June

Silhoetted leaves against sky at dusk

I start many a post with ‘it’s been AGES since I did this!!!‘ but yeah, it’s been bloody ages since my last proper diary post.  I mean, you must all be on the edge of your seats desperate to see what’s been occurring in the life of Lily Kate France, mustn’t you?  Don’t answer that.  So, today I present ‘June Snippets’, or in other words, photos I forgot existed.  Just as a little catchup, y’know. 🙂


— Afternoon tea is as good a place to start as any.  Afternoon part optional, obvs.  We had ours for brunch, and once again confirmed that it’s simply not permitted to go to M&S cafe without your mother, grandmother, or baby in tow.  Or all 3.   They do a good scone!  Just realised that I couldn’t sound any more stereotypically British if I tried right now, but what the hell.  Who doesn’t love a scone and a macaron?


— Unconventional OOTD photo from said brunch.  Off the shoulder top again, shocker.  3 months later and these jeans are still my faves and haven’t gone out of shape in the slightest – not bad considering how much I’ve worn them already!  Bravo, River Island, bravo.


— Somehow, Blackpool always seems to get the most beautifully soft evening light.  Think this was minutes away from the best of the pinky skies, but you get the idea.  I love summer evenings.  Kinda depressing that we’re back on our way to shorter ones again!


— Probably the most exciting on the list!  City break fun planning with my bestie.  We go in a couple of weeks and omg I’m so excited. 😀 😀 😀  I’ve literally read about 50 Budapest blog posts already, but if you have one to share (or just any recommendations) then send ’em my way.  The must-sees and the less obvious ones, please!  Oh and that’s my new phone that arrived today too.  Has been an excellent source of procrastination, my new toy.


— Safe to say this weather forecast makes me very happy. 🙂  I’ve never done a hot city break kind of thing before so it’ll all be an adventure!

— This little guy has been all over me lately.  Don’t really know what’s come over him but my shoulder/arm/wherever’s incovenient is the place to be, apparently.  He likes to walk over my keyboard and post gibberish tweets for me, too.


— Much as I wish exams were all done and dusted already, this situation’s still going on!  Nothing says cute bed selfie like a scientific calculator and hefty physics folder.  Nailing that pinterest look me.  One more exam to go, power through!


That time I said I couldn’t wait to have a massive clearout and redecorate my room?  Yep, I couldn’t wait.  Cleared out 95% of my A-levels stuff before I’ve even finished my exams lol.  Getting a wee bit ahead of myself!  The compulsive desire to just ‘get rid’ came over me and before I knew it the contents of my shelves were in cardboard boxes ready to migrate to the garage.  Just wanted that fresh feeling, you know?  Even mopping my floor felt strangely satisfying, and if that doesn’t make me sound like the world’s biggest saddo then I don’t know what does.  I’ll have a more exciting diary post next time, I promise!

lily kate x

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