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needing some TLC | the best fitting workout leggings

High waist fitness leggings TLC Fitness

TLC in the form of a hug.  For your legs.  And butt.  Well, a hug all over is always nice, but when your pants feel like they’re actually squeezing you all over it’s never a bad thing!  Anything to boost the confidence, y’know?  Nice one, TLC Sport.  I don’t know about you but for me, when I’m red faced, sweaty and look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards post-workout, it’s nice to know at least my outfit’s got my back.  If nothing else.  Hair and face might have failed me by that point, but hey, my leggings are holding me together nicely so it’s all OK!



I thought about doing a ‘summer workout routine’ for this post, then I realised that well… I don’t actually have a routine so to speak.  “The Anti-Routine Workout Routine”, maybe?  Will that work for Pinterest?  But yeah, in all seriousness I feel like not having a fixed routine to stick to makes it a hell of a lot easier to keep motivation high.  For me, anyway.  As soon as you introduce the slightest element of boring repetition to working out, motivation seems to go down the pan.


Once you’ve established a habit of doing some form of exercise as often as realistically possible, then mixing it up from there is always a good shout.  Sometimes I just can’t stomach the thought of doing cardio and the thought of a Metafit class or running makes me want to cry.  Weights it is for those days!  Then other days I just feel like a mindless jog around the park with a 20 minute stretchy wriggle at the end is exactly what my body needs.  So that does the trick too.  In my 100% non-professional opinion, if you’re somehow covering cardio, strength and a lil’ bit of flexibility, then you’re good.  All just a balancing act of doing what your body tells you, and what you know you ‘should’ do, tbh.  And having days where your total exercise consists of walking up and down the stairs to get pizza.  We all have those, too!


I kinda feel lucky that I took an interest in working out (read: exercise that didn’t involve playing sports.  I fail at sports) pretty young, because by now it’s pretty much ingrained in my mind that duhhh, of course I gotta get to the gym.  It’s an old habit now, and old habits die hard and all that.


leggings: c/o TLC Sport | trainers: Nike | top: H&M | sports bra: Primark




Anyway, more on the leggings, because we all know nothing motivates you to get your ass in the gym than a good outfit.  I for one know I feel 10x better in my fave clothes, than when I’ve forgotten what time it is and had to throw on the first items I can find!  TLC Sport kindly offered me a pair of their figure firming leggings to roadtest #theTLCeffect, and I gotta say I’m a fan.  Nothing drives me mad more than my pants going baggy and slipping down when I’m exercising (really is no dignified way to hoik your pants up, is there?) but I can guarantee these ain’t going anywhere.  Not gonna lie, I was kinda worried about how small they looked when I opened the package, but stretch fabric is a wonderful thing lol.  Doesn’t feel like you’re trying to work out in Spanx (how painful would that be?) but holds you nice and tightly in place.  And they’re actually high waisted OMG.  Nothing is high waisted on me!



What’s your take on workout routines – do you swear by a fixed schedule, or do whatever you fancy, when you fancy it, like me?

lily kate x

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