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Friday again, woo!  And I’m off outta here, extra woo.  So today I don’t have a ‘how to pack for a weekend in X place’, not a ‘what’s in my weekend bag’, but just a little assortment of stuff I’m taking with me to the Lake District this weekend for a mini getaway with my mum.  Basically just an excuse to take macro shots with my new camera.  We’re going for a different kinda weekend to our usual Lakes break (read: cosier) so thought I’d share all the cosy things.  ‘Cause ain’t no place more obsessed with cosy than the bloggosphere, lol.


Cosy jumpers.  Maybe not 3 for a weekend away (even I’m not that excessive… most of the time) but I haven’t decided which yet.  Defo the blue one though.  Was a b-day gift and I wanna wear it all the time.  I’d wanted a baby blue jumper for ages, for no particular reason, and my mama found the perfect one.  Perf for a day of pottering about.  No idea how cold it’s gonna be – predicting Cumbrian weather is about as worthwhile as counting clouds – but I can hazard a guess it’s not gonna be warm.


Wellies.  Not sure if we’re gonna get out on the hills, but it’s rained a hell of a lot lately so I don’t think they’d be the worst idea!  These are my mum’s Le Chameau good’ens – they’ve been around a few years now but can’t be beaten.  Oh and I thought about cleaning them up for a quick photo, then thought nahhh.  Clean wellies don’t exist.



A good book.  We’re aiming for a chilled-ish weekend, you see. 😛  I found this one on a bookshelf at home and used a chapter for my history coursework (referenced and that), found it really interesting, and now I want to know a bit more about this ol’ world.  Plus I like the cover.  Which doesn’t hurt.


Textiles stuff.  ‘Cause ain’t no student got time for weekend off, dammit.  Could’ve taken a photo of my physics data sheet, but pretty colours look a bit nicer.  And I have lotssss of handstitch-y stuff to do.  Not the worst homework in the world I guess!


Giant chocolate raisins.  ‘Cause M&S just did one better than our usual fave.


My new baby camera.  How could I leave this one out?  I’m hoping to make a vlog/video of sorts this weekend – probs a whole lot less dynamic than my last GoPro Lake District one but fun to make nonetheless.  Don’t fancy any jumping in lakes this time.  It’s such a good camera for being so tiny though!  All these photos (well, except these of the camera, obviously) were taken with it.  F1.8, you so dreamy.  Almost all my favourite vloggers use the G7X, so I’m looking forward to seeing how I get on – it’s a step up from iPhone front camera so watch this space!


Safe to say I’m looking forward to it!  These last few months have been pretty crazy so we booked ourselves a treat in advance.  Shared birthday present of sorts. 🙂

Have a lovely weekend!

lily kate x

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