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november writing challenge | day 10 | shock


“What shocked you?”

Pretty open ended question so not the easiest to answer!  Shock is perhaps a slightly strong word, but my most recent pleasant surprise (sounds much nicer doesn’t it?) has been getting to know someone who just gets me.  You know the ‘OMG me too!’ conversations you have sometimes?  Isn’t it great when you find someone who seems to be on exactly the same page as you haha!  I know I’m quite an odd character in many ways, so it’s great to just be able to relax when you find someone so similar.  People I know IRL know what I’m on about. 😉  I’m replacing ‘shocked’ with ‘surprised’, but yeah, it surprised me to find just how quickly you can feel as if you’ve known somebody forever.

Another – completely unrelated – thing that has actually shocked me fairly recently is the whole debate over that Independent article, and how it seems to be the thing of the moment to put famous youtubers/bloggers/whoever down.  Sure, the odd ones might irritate me slightly, but I’m sure we all have our own annoying quirks!  I love watching Zoe’s videos anyway. 😛  It’s shocked me that some people can’t see the stress they must be under, and reputable publications post articles that can only make it worse.  Why would you do that?  Internet bitchiness in general is pretty shocking really: there’s no point denying that we all think certain things about certain people but it genuinely doesn’t make sense to voice it to such a degree.  Unless it’s all about publicity and yada yada… but let’s not open that can of worms eh?

Oh and posting every day is proving rather difficult photo-wise:  people who have fresh photos every day throughout winter, I really do admire you!  Early darkness is my absolute least favourite part of winter.  Ugh.  I’m ranting again, sorry!  I feel like I rant too much haha, but it’s just soooo annoying.  Daylight is precious, people!

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes btw!  I had the best birthday weekend ever.  We’ve had today off college too, always a bonus!  Me being me, took the opportunity to do a mega long intense workout before lunch, and I’m loving the sore-all-over afterburn.  I near enough worship Daniel and Kelli haha; I swear by their videos.

lily kate x

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