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white on white on… white

Teen girl posed in front of window wearing white body con outfit


All white everything obsession continues, co-ord obsession continues.  I don’t know why I have such a ‘thing’ for the most boring colour (anti-colour?) possible, but I never seem to get bored of it!  A good third of my colour co-ordinated clothes rails (don’t judge) is white or cream or the palest shade of pale.  My bedroom walls and ceiling are all completely white too, which I LOVE.  I’m really funny about having a nice bright, light space: it’d stress me out so much to have a dark bedroom!  I deliberately leave my roof blinds open at night so that sunlight streams in in the mornings too.  Apparently most people hate that?  It’s so nice!  ;All this white would have you fooled that I’m a neat and tidy person wouldn’t it?  Not that I’m the world’s messiest eater and will have at least 6 miscellaneous items strewn across my bedroom floor at any given time, not at all…



Bodycon is all well and good once you’re actually wearing it, but getting into the damn thing is one hell of a task!  No way could I have wiggled my way into this one without help.  Good old ‘arms up, pull it over your head’ from mum is the way to go!  So attractive stuck with my skirt squishing my shoulders to my ears. 😛  Options are bodycon that fits nicely or bodycon that’s easy to put on, not both.


skirt and top: Britney co-ord from Pretty Little Thing | shoes: borrowed from Mummy 🙂



Candleholder making a sneaky appearance at the side there!  I should’ve probably moved it because it’s annoying me in shot now, but I’ve been burning candles in my room every day at the minute so they’re always around.  Maybe should be more of a wintery thing but I love fresh summery scents burning.  It’s one of those daft things that make you feel like you’re a grown up with your life together haha, can’t just be me!  Because y’know, all grown ups burn candles in their bedrooms.  Totally felt like I had my sh*t together the other day when I had all my money, cards, membership cards, gym key etc etc in one purse too.  Much better than scattered between bags and pockets and forgotten on my bedside table.  Just humour me ok?

smiling-blogger-wearing-cream skirt

My week’s been pretty good so far, despite making the mistake of downloading the countdown app and freaking out at how soon exams are!  This time in 4 weeks I’ll have my first two AS level exams done and dusted, which just seems crazy.  We’ve all been saying that it feels like no time at all since we started college (feels like only a month or two since I was blogging about it!) and now we’re almost halfway through our time there, whattt??  The fact that you still see so many new faces every day plays into that I guess.  Everybody knows everybody in lessons and you make friends through other friends and whatnot, but there are so many people that you’ll pass by having never laid eyes on them before, that the sense of familiarity you feel at school will probably never be quite the same.  I like it though, better for peoplewatching!

lily kate x

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    LBD - Joli House
    30th April 2015 at 8:35 pm

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