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Warning that this post’s gonna involve me taking clothes way too seriously and chitchatting about life atm.  Barcelona travel-y posts will resume shortly!


But first, I introduce you to my Barbie Bag, as I’ve christened it.  Sometimes I’ll spot an item on a shelf and decide I need it in my life in approximately 0.2 seconds.  Then I’ll decide that  it’s completely ridiculous and I’ll never use it.  Then I’ll umm and ahh over it for weeks.   Cat shorts, for example – the indecision tortured me!  Warned you I’d get melodramatic lol.


But yes, I spotted this obnoxiously bright, pink, floral, chunky gold chained bag in New Look a few weeks ago, eyed it up a few times after thinking it was too ‘cutesy girly’ for my usual style, and here we are.  Bearing in mind my usual bag is a trusty black one, this one’s a step out of my norm!  It’s a bit of a Marmite item and verging on tacky but hey ho.  My textiles teacher always used to say that a certain amount of tacky was arty, so there you go. 🙂  Tacky in a good way.  I haven’t forgotten everything from college yet, even if it feels like a hell of a long time ago already!


Just a snap in case you hadn’t seen enough of these sunglasses in practically every single Barcelona ‘gram I’ve posted. 😛  They’re definitely my accessory of the moment!  And whaddya know, the weather has given me an excuse to wear them on English soil too.  You bet I’m milking this mini Indian summer.  Cat-eye frames just seem to suit my face shape so I’m rolling with it in both sunnies and regular specs.


jeans and boots: River Island | top: Primark | bag: New Look | sunglasses: c/o VIA Eyewear


Variations on jeans and tshirts (often of the striped variety because I’m a walking cliche, duhhh) have kinda become a uniform of mine lately.  So original, I know. 😉  Tbh it’s just any outfit that makes me feel half put together if I’m just at home during the day, and jeans and a fitted tee seem to do the job nicely!  I’m determined to not let myself slip into ‘lazy at home’ mode now that I don’t have a fixed timetable to work around, and if making myself look presentable enough to leave the house (even when I don’t need to) does that, then so be it.  If you feel put-together (ish) then you’ll act like you’ve got your shit together more, right?   It’s a habit I’m gonna try my damned hardest to stick to anyway.  Same goes for the gym – even though I don’t technically have any reason to go early in the morning, I feel like it’s worth it for the psychological benefit.  I’m just trying to pull whatever productivity tricks I can on myself to avoid procrastinating, basically. 🙂



The next clothes-related dilemma I’ll face won’t be ‘finding an outfit that’s comfy and not slobby’, but ‘how to cram 5 days’ worth of clothes, laptop, 2 cameras and all my other paraphernalia into a carry on suitcase’.  Any tips on that one would be greatly appreciated!

lily kate x

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