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winging it and joining the adult world

It’s a funny one, this ‘growing up’ business, isn’t it?  You think that by a certain age you’ll feel a certain way, and then… you don’t.   The older I get, the more I realise that life is just one endless cycle of winging it and hoping for the best.  The more I realise that nobody has a clue what they’re doing.  OK so maybe that’s an exaggeration and some people have half an idea – at least I hope surgeons feel reasonably confident in their abilities, anyway.  But I doubt many people feel like they’ve followed the Life Instruction Manual and ticked off every box have they?

As a kid it’s so easy to think that when you’re X age you’ll have it all sorted.  My 5 year old self thought my 18 year old self would be SO grown up, because, well, I’d be an adult and do all the adulting things, of course!  I remember watching Strictly Come Dancing (bloody LOVED that programme) in the year that 17 year old Louisa Lytton competed, and wondering what all the fuss was about – she was definitely an adult in my eyes.  I mean, 17 must feel so mature, amiright?  No.  Neither does 18, and neither will 36, or 57, I’m fairly sure.   I still wonder if they’re talking about the person behind me when someone tells a small child to ‘mind out for that lady’.  Couldn’t possibly be me, right?


Part of me feels like I want to jump head first into ‘the adult world’ as soon as possible, and part of me feels like I’ll still be saying ‘when I grow up’ when I’m in my forties.  And I can hazard a guess that I’m not the only one feeling this way either.  One thing that I realised during my internship last year (which included commuting and working in a PR office in London, so I’d say that’s fairly ‘real world’!) is just how much of life is just made up as you go along.  You can have as many strategies and meetings and plan ’til you can’t plan any more, but at the end of the day, an educated guess is as good as it’s ever gonna get, isn’t it?  We’re all just thrown into life at the deep end to learn to swim along the way.

We’re all just winging it, basically.   Massive name corporations and governments who make huge decisions – run by mere humans, also winging it, and probably hoping to God that they made the right decision and a whopping backlash won’t smack them in the face.  Sometimes it’s crazy to think how much trust we place in people, forgetting that we’re all only human and just as prone to making mistakes as each other.  Life’s a series of taking risks.

Me?  Totally winging it.  I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kind of person.  I’ve chosen not to go away to university in favour of 3 years to ‘wing it’ whilst getting a degree on the side, in the hope that I’ll come out the other end with some cool life experiences and lots of lessons learned.  At the minute I feel like I’ll be totally winging it in my exams next month too, which isn’t exactly ideal, but oh well!  I’ll try my best and work hard, but if my results aren’t fantastic, it won’t be the end of the world.  I’ll be winging it from then on anyway. 🙂

lily kate x

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    21st April 2016 at 3:26 pm

    Yes, that might always be the case. I have always felt grown up and “old”, but still no clear idea that I have evolved to my final finished state. I think I may have this old feeling because my sister is 7.5 years younger than me, and I am also the oldest of my generation, including cousins and all those relatives. But I do remark in how more conservative my younger relations can be. I get a lot of exasperation from my relations. A kind of, “that is not how the real world works and you should not be like that” kind of vibe. Still, I can pull rank, I am really older and wiser even if an interest in real estate prices has not overshadowed my interest in other stuff like riding my bike.

    Your chosen field of study, physics, has a theoretical side that involves a lot of winging it. Doesn’t it?

    • Reply
      lily kate
      25th April 2016 at 5:29 pm

      It’s a funny one feeling young and old at the same time isn’t it? I feel like being the oldest or youngest sibling can make such a difference to your personality, just as having a brother or a sister really can. Age and mental age don’t always correlate do they? Young at heart is the best. 😀
      Physics definitely does have a theoretical side yeah, and confusing as it can be, it’s really interesting!

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    22nd April 2016 at 10:01 am

    Hey Lily! Love the new blog look!
    Haha, we’re all winging it I’m sure – like I’ve said before, I didn’t know what to do after graduating last year, and have lived in an almost perpetual state of just saying “why not?” to different opportunities that have popped up. And it’s meant that I have some pretty exciting things coming up.
    Does anyone ever finally get it all figured out? I’m not sure. But you definitely have the right attitude by not stressing out too much – no point in making oneself ill over the outcome of a situation. If there’s anything I’ve figured out over the past year is that the right opportunities show up when you least expect it. With a good attitude and a little bit of effort, anything is possible 🙂

    • Reply
      lily kate
      25th April 2016 at 6:27 pm

      Thanks Bekah! So glad I finally got stuck into it and made the changes, so much happier with it now. ‘Why not’ is the absolute best attitude to have, at least there are no ‘what ifs’ that way!
      I doubt I’ll ever have it all figured out tbh, but I don’t really mind, it’s more fun that way. 100% agree that the right opportunities come up when you least expect it1

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