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Sometimes I like trends, sometimes I loathe them.  Either way, you can guarantee I’ll be approximately 14.5 months late to the party when I do eventually jump on the bandwagon.  Never have been one of the cool kids, never particularly wanted to be.  So here I am, bringing the groundbreaking that OMG SLOGAN TEES ARE ACTUALLY WONDERFUL when everyone else who claims to be a *fashion blogger* (in some respect) has been singing their praises since 2016.

I resisted slogan tees for ages because I wasn’t sure what I’d wear them with and didn’t fancy any cheesy cliché slogans, but I am now a convert.  My collection is now growing rather rapidly, and is likely to continue that way because I have zero self-control.  This one’s cute as hell though, right?  Joanie are popular with bloggers so I was already pretty familiar with the brand, so obviously was super happy to have the chance to model for them a couple of months ago, and again recently for their AW18 collection.  Head to the Joanie website and you may just spot a familiar face!  The Regina tshirt unfortunately doesn’t come with the perfect beehive by hair and makeup goddess Bethany – as evidenced by my windswept straggles here – but it’s lovely nonetheless.  Windswept is an understatement tbh, I couldn’t look more bedraggled if I tried, so kindly ignore my barnet and avert your attention to my cute tshirt and skirt instead.  Turns out Lily planning to shoot outfit photos was a cue for the heatwave to pack up and leave, like I couldn’t have predicted that.  Picture the blue skies and bright colours I’d envisaged instead, please.

Something about this skirt and stripes combo feels so very *me*.  Kinda ladylike (as ladylike as a goofball like me can be, anyway), kinda quirky, and kinda simple, which are basically all the boxes I want to tick.  The skirt was an ‘I’ll just have a quick look in the H&M sale but won’t buy anything’ accidental purchase (you know the ones), and I’m already picturing it with a slinky black roll neck and chunky black boots in Autumn.  And that’s the last mention of Autumn for at least 2 months, promise.  Bloody love the skirt though.

Ventured out during the England (losing) World Cup game so thought a pic with a soccer sign was only right.

Besides my revelation that slogan tees are indeed fantastic and you should all go check out the Joanie slogans page right now, I don’t have an awful lot else to update you on.  How boring do I sound?  For once in my life I actually feel like I have time on my hands so I’m enjoying more time for my personal life, more reading, more chilling, and more days out with no phone signal.  Might not make for the most riveting blog content but that shall resume shortly (hopefully).  This weekend I’m heading to Bluedot Festival again with my pals Erin and Ellie, and given that I enjoyed last year so much I can’t wait to return with these 2.  All my summer travels and days out are in that ‘sort of planned but not really‘ stage so I need a good sit down with a calendar and Skyscanner to figure it all out.  Slogan tees will be in my suitcase wherever I go, anyway!

Lily Kate x

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  • Reply
    17th July 2018 at 10:49 pm

    I have the same skirt! Very nice

  • Reply
    18th July 2018 at 2:14 pm

    I love the editing on these photos! I’d never think to wear this T-shirt with that skirt either but it looks so chic.

    • Reply
      lily kate
      18th July 2018 at 2:17 pm

      Thanks Lyd! The editing was my best attempt to make a very grey day look bright haha 🙂 I planned to wear it just with denim at first but quite like the skirt!

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