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When Lily says she’s gonna make something, Lily does exactly that!  In this post I mentioned how these cute bralets everywhere were a pretty good motivator to get my head around crochet.  Armed with a hook and a book and Pinterest (aka the holy grail of DIY) for inspiration, I set to work and had this one whipped up in an afternoon or two.  It’s on the basic side with only the simplest of lace against plain single crochet all round, but I’m pretty happy with it as a first attempt!  Simple is the best way, right?


Getting the fit right when you’re going sans-bra is a bit of a tricky one!  Hence the afterthought racerback style, but no-one needs to know that, so shh.  Do a bit, add another bit, undo a bit, attach 2 bits together is pretty much how it goes with crochet (in my book anyway), since I made the whole thing up as I went along.


Shorts: New Look (old)

Bralet:  handmade in Sirdar Calico


(Not stood in front of a blazing fire btw, even though it kinda looks like it)


Even though we’re all losing a bit of steam with exams now (nerves wear off when you’re sitting your 21st one, y’know), I’m holding fire on any more crochet projects for a week because they are the absolute best form of procrastination.  “I’m doing something productive so it’s OK!” – hahaha don’t kid myself or anything!  Ah well.  This time next week I’ll be free as a bird. 😀

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