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Jacket: New Look
Dress: Coco Boo Loves
Tights: John Lewis
Boots: Preston market
Bag: Primark

 Exhibit A of ‘wear all the new things’!   Thought I’d spread things out a bit and do a few OOTDs with my new clobber, rather than one ‘christmas haul’ post of sorts.   These over the knee boots have made a few online appearances before, but the dress, jacket and bag are all newbies.  Today perhaps wasn’t the most practical day to wear a floaty swing dress, but you know me.  I do believe it’s from Coco Boo Loves, according to santa/mum.  Everything they sell in that little fashion haven is so pretty.  Oh and I stole these tights from my mum, again, as she seems to have a never ending supply of cool tights that just ‘appear’ in the tights box somehow.  You can barely tell from these photos, but they’re black leopard print on a brown background which is a nice change from the winter uniform of plain black opaques!


 Now that Christmas is over can we pretend that it’s going to get warmer again?  So that I can wear this jacket rather than my full on feather stuffed duvet coat?


 Looking at these shots now I realise how very close I was to a Marilyn Monroe moment of the extreme variety!  I had thick tights on, that’s all I’m saying 😉




 Lucky me found two of these bags under the tree on Wednesday!  Apparently my mum couldn’t decide between grey and black, so went for both.  Told you I’m a lucky gal.


Made my temporary photographer swap places for a few too! newlook-purple-cable-jumper

 As promised, here is one of the gifts I gave this year!  Dan specified something ‘trinkety’ which didn’t exactly offer me much guidance, but he was very happy with this personalised leather bracelet!  It’s from notonthehighstreet, and you can have the metal hook engraved with whatever you fancy.  I went for total cutie pie soppy girlfriend and had the date we got together written on there, how cheesy 😉  He’s barely taken it off since so I think that’s a good sign!


engraved-leather-bracelet So far today I’ve read many pages of my book, taken photos, spent a well needed 2 hours in the gym and steam room, and made soup.  Pretty good way to spend a day, if you ask me!  I hope some of you get as into books as I do, as I’m hoping to share reviews of my new books once I’ve finished them.  This little bookworm best get busy!

lily x


  • Reply
    29th December 2013 at 2:36 pm

    I had been contemplating the same thing; wear all my new stuff in one combined look or spread them out. It is so hard not to wear all your new and shiny things at once.

    Love the look doll!


  • Reply
    M + K
    31st December 2013 at 4:44 am

    We love your outfit, especially the burgundy coat! The engraved “trinkey” bracelet is such a great idea!


  • Reply
    31st December 2013 at 8:47 am

    Whoop! Glad to find that I’m not the only one who steals things from mom’s closet! Oh yeah, this (almost ) Marilyn Monroe moment is awesome, you look gorgeous!

  • Reply
    Alice Evans
    31st December 2013 at 11:46 am

    Love the coat! + the `trinkety thing` is fab :p x


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