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the anyday sweater

Meet the Anyday Sweater, which I’ve worn not quite every day but certainly many days since it left my needles. Which was precisely my goal – to make a sweater that would go with absolutely everything, and importantly be comfy. Mission accomplished! Silly me has knitted far too many fitted sweaters over the years considering I enjoy wearing looser shapes just as much, so I thought it was about time I made something along those lines. I am on a mission to handmake as much of my wardrobe as possible, after all. Thankfully the finished object is exactly like my first sketch, which is rather satisfying. Several non-knitters have asked where my sweater is from, which any maker knows will put a smile on your face. I want my patterns to appeal to experienced knitters and non-knitters alike, and so far, so good!

So far I’ve worn my Anyday Sweater with jeans, trousers, and loungewear… layered over shirts and dresses, bundled up with coats… you get the idea. This particular greige-y colour choice is extra versatile, but after seeing a red version and a pink version I now want an Anyday Sweater in all colours too.

Check out #AnydaySweater on Instagram to see some of my test knitters’ versions – they look fabulous! Seeing others knit my patterns (and look great in them) gives me all the warm fuzzy feels. And not just because it’s a warm fuzzy jumper.

Anyway, the knitty gritty: the Anyday Sweater is knitted chunky yarn (I used Rowan Brushed Fleece), and is worked in the round, seamlessly, inside out. Reverse stocking stitch looks nice but nobody can be bothered with all that purling. Faux seams are created in a few different nifty ways, and there are a slip stitch details on the body and sleeves too. I wrote the pattern to fit sizes 28-62″ bust with notes on how to modify the body to be shorter or longer, so hopefully it’ll work for as many people as possible. Click here for more details and to download the pattern.

It feels good to be back in the designing game, and I hope you like it!

Lily Kate x

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