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blogging goals and a life catchup

Monday night life catchup, hows about that?  Feels like a good time for a chat about life lately.  I’m saying that like I don’t have an absolute mountain of homework right now that should *maybe* be my priority, but a girl’s gotta check in hasn’t she?

I’d envisaged this 5 day weekend as one of daytrips and outdoorsyness – all was looking great on Friday, and then the view from my window turned into this…


… so I promptly scrapped that idea.  Can always count on England to provide a nice drizzly bank holiday.  Outdoorsy plans scrapped I’ve tried to have a catchup weekend of sorts instead, with mixed success.  I feel like I spend half my life playing catchup of some sorts – catching up with friends I haven’t seen in wayyyy too long, catching up on revision I should’ve done earlier, catching up on blog writing when I’m feeling withdrawal after 2 days, etc. etc.  Literally everything takes twice as long as I (maybe foolishly) imagined it would.  Seriously aren’t enough hours in the day, are there?


Playing catchup may have gone slightly out the window on Saturday afternoon (read: a mini Primark haul happened, but I picked up a few cute bits and bobs so oh well.  Sunglasses, for example.  Makes perfect sense to buy sunglasses during aforementioned drizzle, doesn’t it?


Don’t answer that question, nor comment on this bizarre expression please.  Appreciate the cat eyes instead.


Wearing sunglasses inside on a drizzly day, what even am I?  Moving swiftly on…


… to this, which is what I really wanted to talk about tbh.  A catchup on where I’m thinking of going with blogging.  This is my blog folder.  Yes, I already have the super-Instagrammable Blogger’s Planner, but I’ve printed out a few of these too to fill some missing gaps.  With blogging I feel like it can be easy to get carried away with writing spontaneously, publishing immediately and jumping between the widest variety of topics imaginable.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s GREAT.  I love spontaneity and my blog feels so honest when I just jot down whatever’s in my head.

However, sometimes stepping back, planning and making long term goals is a good call too.  Well duhh, said every blogger out there.  Lately I’ve been spending a more time on that blogging folder, organising and planning my little heart out.  My no.1 goal this year is to extend the travel side of my blog – travel and experiences are some of my favouriteee things to write about and I absolutely love reading others’ travel experiences too (even if wanderlust gets me so bloody bad).  This really makes me wish I’d started blogging just one year earlier.  I went to some pretty cool places in 2013 that I wish I’d documented.  Surfing in Cornwall, hiking in the Austrian Alps, exploring German cities – I wish I’d blogged them all!  Plenty more to be had though. 🙂  Kinda difficult to launch into travel blogging whilst I have a couple of months left at college, but I’m trying my best to organise as much as possible.


Over the next few weeks I’m hoping to tweak the look of my blog a little and add some new pages too.  Something tells me  simple ‘About me’ and ‘Contact me’ don’t cut it anymore.  Media kit is on its way.  From July onwards I’ll be done with timetabled education for good, so I’ll be able to invest much more time into expanding Joli House and I’m already excited.

Meanwhile, much of my time looks like this…


… and is spent adding pages to my already obese textiles sketchbook, puzzling over a maths problem that just won’t work out, or making notes on Margaret Thatcher for my history exam.  I’m thinking of doing a full post on my A-levels experience (I found them useful to read when I was 16) so if you’d like to know my thoughts now I’m nearly done, let me know. 🙂

And on that note, I best go and do some work.  Until next time!

lily kate x

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