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coast | how i do like to be beside the seaside

Sun’s out, I’m out.  To Lytham this time.  Say what you like about brash seaside resorts, but for walks and photo opps you just can’t beat them.  The North-West has a good few miles of Victorian promenade, and escape a few miles south of the craziness of Blackpool and you’ll find yourself in Lytham –  by far my favourite.  Lytham certainly isn’t brash.  Just look at the pier!  New backdrop right there.


One thing I really love about the UK is that you’re never more than 70 miles from the sea.  Probably difficult to get your head round that if you live in the US but we really are that tiny!  Island living eh.  You’re never that far from a city or a national park either – equally great.  I guess it’s easy to take for granted having such variety on our doorstep.


I’d love to do a trip round the whole coast one day (sign me up for the next BBC series please).  How cool would that be?  There are 7723 miles of it so it might take me a while, and it’d definitely be a journey of contrasts.  I’ve visited surf beaches with cool bars… choppy, rocky shores with only hardy fishermen in sight… seaside towns with a chippy every 2 minutes… all the British coast and all so very different.  Speaking of coasts and islands, I’d really love to explore the Scottish Isles too – especially the outer ones.  I’d love to explore Scotland more in general actually.  I have family there so extra reason to go again.  The beaches looked like the Caribbean on our last visit.


I’ll nosy at cute houses wherever I go, coast or not. 🙂



And that’s a mini photo diary from me today.  Long weekend again please so I can go to the beach again?

lily kate x

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