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the best fit jeans | no gape frayed ‘chewed’ denim


I have very bizarre arguments with myself over clothes.  The deals I make (with myself) are seriously ridiculous.  ‘If I’ve seen them on 3 separate occasions and still want them, they can be mine’ – yep, total justification Lily.  Logic on point.  I’d had a sly eye on both these jeans and shoes for a wee while, yesterday was the third time I’d spotted them both, and here we are.


In my defence, finding a pair of jeans that fit can be a mighty pain in the ass (sometimes literally) so when I come across a pair that hug in all the right places, I’m snapping them right up.  This struggle is so real!  I’m super picky about my denim too – really low-rise styles are a no-go when my body’s long enough already.


According to Pinterest and Instagram and the fashion powers-that-be, frayed hem jeans are a ‘thing’ this year.  So here’s me being a trend whore and deciding to jump on the bandwagon.  Any jeans that are ok to be a little short are good in my book. #Tallgirlproblems.  I like trends for details like this.  Trends for brand logos or ‘unflattering but cool and trendy’ clothes, not so much, but trends for things like frayed ankles?  I can get on board with that.  Sounds slightly weird that they’re described as a ‘chewed’ texture, but whatever.


Braving Saturday afternoon Primark turned out to be a good call too – I snapped up the last pair of these shoes in my size (#meanttobe) and have decided that lace ups and raw hems are a perfect match.  Never mind that I’m about 2 years late to the lace ups trend; I can feel an obsession coming on anyway so they’ll probably crop up on my Insta approximately 50 times over the next month.


brunette-sitting-with-feet up-chair


jeans: River Island Amelie style | shoes: Primark


Happy Easter, anyway. 😀

lily kate x

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