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summer | caught a glimpse of it


How many of us cracked out the short shorts and cropped tops yesterday? I’m guessing I wasn’t the only one to spend the entire day outdoors, trying to soak up every single ray.  Maybe absorbing more UV radiation whilst revising will have helped me absorb information for my physics exam tomorrow. ;D We even ventured into the sand dunes at Blackpool for a mini shoot in the evening; long grass whipping like a bitch and gale force winds are nothing when the light’s so pretty! More of a non-outfit that an OOTD, but in the interest of authenticity, this was exactly what I wore.
Might just be pushing the boundaries of optimism by writing down summer plans already, but the end of school and exams is in sight so I’m gonna go ahead!  I’m wayyy too addicted to pinterest for my own good (aren’t we all?) and I’ve compiled a little collection of things I’d like to wear, make, do and see over summer.

—  Wear kimonos.  Layered over denim I think they look great!  Slightly boho without pushing it and looking like a wannabe Coachella girl in Lancashire. I also really like how floor length cardigans look layered with tiny shorts and skirts, but I think I might feel a little like dumbledore walking around with fabric swooshing round my ankles.  I’ll give long line kimonos a shot first like this one by Sweettouchdesigns. 😀


—  Try a temporary tattoo. I’m 16 so real tattoos are out of the question for a couple of years yet, however I’m not gonna let that stop me trying a few different styles out first!  There are tons of gorgeous temporary transfer designs on Etsy, like these two by Pepperink.


—  Wear floaty things!  You’ve probably noticed that I do like my fitted styles, but I’m finding myself drawn to a softer look at the minute.  Love these 2 dresses from Free People.



—  Mix it up a bit with my hair.  Brownish hair is getting kinda boring and I’m feeling quite tempted to dabble with something blue-toned. I’m a bit reluctant to use bleach so maybe a rich turquoise colour would work?  I kinda feel like a wacky hair phase is something I need to go through at some point!  Anybody bitten the bullet and regretted it?  Or had fabulously luminous hair and loved it?


(from an unknown tumblr)

—  Go to Paris.  Really hoping to manage a few days in Paris this summer!  I’ve only been once and that was to Disneyland when I was about 7, and I didn’t exactly see all the city had to offer. (Preoccupied with Disney, obviously 😉 ). Would be such a fun trip!

—  Learn how to crochet  better.  I know the basics, just haven’t taught myself how to read crochet patterns or work more complex stitches yet.  It’s much quicker than knitting, so I really feel like I should get on with this. If this cute little bralet isn’t motivation then I don’t know what is.  Sorry I don’t have a source for the photo despite digging through many layers of Tumblr pages.


—  Head to the Lakes more.  I love spending some time chilling in the Lake District.  May tackle a few big hills whilst there too.

—  Work experience. I’d really like to spend some time pretending to be out in the big wide world of work, possibly something related to knitwear designing, or possibly something not related to anything I’ve done before at all!

—  Organise a blogger meet.  Forever finding that these are on weekday evening or at over 18 venues, so I’d really like to sort out something that allows us slightly younger bloggers to be part of the whole meetups thing.

Hope everybody’s had a nice time in the sun!  It’s unfortunately back to exams for a while yet before I can thrown myself into these summer plans, but I’ll let you know how I get on. 😀

lily kate x
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    18th May 2014 at 8:03 pm

    Love your pics – you’re so beautiful!

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    18th May 2014 at 9:08 pm

    Hey there! Dying your hair is such a big commitment, but I guess it’s the right time to try it, because once you’re starting to be a real grown-up with job hunting and such, it’s a bit trickier to be bold! I have that blog post in my faves for ages, I guess this is such a good way to experiment a different hue without dying your whole hair: http://thebeautydepartment.com/2014/02/tbd-london-luxe/
    Also, why not trying Japanese crochet pattern? They almost always use charts so you don’t need to translate anything at all, plus Japanese patterns are sooo attractive! And YES that bralet is gorgeous. 😀

    If you need tips about your potential trip to Paris don’t hesitate to ask! I most likely might be working in Paris through summer break like every year so I’ve been starting to know the place almost like a genuine Parisian! It’s a wonderful city and whether you’re staying a week-end or a week or even longer there’s always something interesting to do! (and don’t forget to check which places you want to visit offer the ability to book online so you can avoid the waiting line!)
    Good luck for the end of your exams! xx

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