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down to earth | hot air balloon print shirt

Balloon print white shirt

Felt like a spontaneous lil’ outfit post just because a few people said they liked my shirt today.  I like my shirt too, thanks guys. 😀  Cute quirky hot air balloons are right up my street.  I realised after a while how much I looked like I should be pointing out emergency exits on a Boeing 747 with the red neckerchief though, so lost that one after a while.  Undecided on the flight attendant look!


shirt: c/o George at ASDA | skirt: Topshop


Now the evening light sticks around a bit later I can’t help feeling like I have to make the most of it somehow – I spent enough time in Winter complaining about the grim dark evenings that I feel guilty if I ignore the sun now.  Love me a bit of that golden hour lighting. 🙂  Feels very chilled out.



I feel like I’m flitting around between feeling chilled and satisfied, and stressed and tired about 10 times every day atm – head’s all over the place!  Just what the month before exams does to you eh.  I’ll muddle through.  And hopefully stop getting in a complete mess on my maths papers and making up my own weird ‘intefration’ methods.  Fellow maths nerds will probably know what I mean!  My 15 hour textiles exam started today too, and I’m yet to spill black dye all over my work so I’d say that’s going OK.  Oh and I’ve signed up to start my OU degree in October too – getting stuff sorted, finally!  Many more hours of calculus and physics to come for this little nerd.  Many more hours of blogging too by that point, so watch this space!





I’m determined not to let exams get in the way of having an actual LIFE in until July, but apologies in advance if I waffle/rant on about them over the next couple of months!  Unavoidably big chunk of my life and I like to keep my blog down to earth.  One day is restaurant reviews and the next is muddled calculus (whilst wearing a cute shirt ofc).  Authenticity and that!  Not everything/everyone in my life is blogged about but I try to keep things real. 🙂 On that note, I should probably get my muddled brain an early night, but we all know that translates as ‘read the entire contents of the internet before going to sleep’, don’t we?  Nightynight!

lily kate x

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    30th April 2016 at 4:49 am

    Hee hee Air hostess sounds so wrong to me! Not very pc and kind of sleazy. Flight Attendant is what we call them. I do like your shirt! So cute! The scarf works, but yes, rather Flight Attendant in look, if you add a little jacket. In general, I have a problem looking chic in scarves. Good luck on the rest of the studies. It is a busy time, and do tell us how things go.

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