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the one where we all dressed up | Labyrinth Masked Ball

Slightly more dressy than my usual Saturday night getup!  My lovely friend Scarlett threw the birthday party to top all birthday parties – a Labyrinth themed masquerade ball.  Any excuse to wap out the fancy dresses and suits. 😀  I kinda fancied a long red dress for prom a couple of years ago but went for blue instead, so was pretty happy to get another chance for round 2.


Considerably more fancy than my 18th!  Masks didn’t stay on very long but they looked cool.  I’d probably have landed on my backside if I’d kept my mask on and not been able to see if I was standing on my hem haha.  Hence the lack of mask photos for a masquerade ball.



Dress was a last minute buy from TK Maxx – gotta love that place!



My mum came along to photograph this one as it’s probably the last proper ‘do’ we’ll have together – plenty drunken nights to come I’m sure but no more dressed to the nines occasions.  Nearly everyone’s leaving in a few months, and that’s kinda scary!  All gonna be scattered around the country god knows where.  Save for the few of us that are staying around ofc. 😛  I’ll definitely have to make the effort to stay in touch because I don’t know what I’d do without certain people!  2016 is pretty much the year they all go away (to get all melodramatic about things lol) and it’s crazyyy to think how our lives will all be so different this time next year.  Gonna miss people so much. L Just in the last 2 years I’ve made friends with so many people and drifted apart from others, so (apart from the absolute definites) I don’t know who will be in my life next year!  They’ll meet people, I’ll meet people, paths might cross later, who knows.  Not always the people you’d expect that stick around or you drift apart from, is it?  Ahh I’m waffling now.


Thank you Scarlett for a fab night!  Stay around in my life please. 😀

lily kate x

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P.S. Apologies for the blog radio silence – doubt anybody missed me but hey ho!  Have had some very frustrating technical difficulties (damn you servers) but hopefully all sorted now.  Touch wood.

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