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wear more red – H & M Coachella top

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H&M Loves Coachella – the nearest I’m gonna get to the real thing for a long time!  Thanks to the wonders of the internet I’m actually in a physics exam as this one hits the blog, so yeah, couldn’t really be more different.  Let’s just pretend I was totally at Coachella in these photos though.  In fairness England did gift us a few hours of sunshine yesterday after a thoroughly grim bank holiday weekend, so we’re getting there!  What’s a bank holiday without a hailstone or 2 anyway?



The sun shone just long enough for me to take this new swingy number out for a spin (literally), so spin I did.  One cannot wear floaty clothes and not spin.  Nope.  I’m doing pretty well on my ‘wear more red‘ resolution at the minute too – wore a real life emoji dress on Saturday night and here we are with more.  Red seems to give me the Casper the Friendly Ghost look but hey, you win some, you lose some!



Please tell me I’m not the only one who can’t spin without looking like an utter fool… Actually, I could write a whole post about how I’m an utter fool.  Fairly sure I’m the only one who goes to sit down, MISSES THE CHAIR, and lands on the floor.  And who walks halfway through an indoor shopping centre before realising that umbrellas aren’t really necessary inside.  Need I carry on?


No, let’s not carry that one on.  Let’s talk boots instead.  Still wearing them into the Spring, they go with everything!  I’m a boot addict all year round but tan ones are my fave for summer.  Probably what I’d have worn to Coachella too if I’d overcome that little hurdle of an Atlantic ocean in the way last month.  I’ve heard first hand stories of the partying all night so comfy boots would definitely be on my agenda!  UK festivals don’t hold masses of appeal to me but ones in the sun?  I’d be down for that.





top: H&M Coachella collection | jeans: River Island Amelie style | boots: Forever 21



Enough Coachella inspo, back to reality.  Perils of living a part twirl-around-in-cute-clothes, part geek, life. ‘Monday night Lily’ is guessing that Tuesday morning Lily isn’t going to come out of this exam feeling too chuffed (if last year’s was anything to go by) so send some love my way please!  You know where to find me. 🙂

lily kate x

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