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november writing challenge | day 12 | cuisine


“What is your favourite cuisine?”

Some of these questions are really open, others not much room for interpretation!  I’m the least fussy eater on the planet (well maybe not quite, just don’t come near me with olives and I’ll be fine) so picking a favourite is pretty difficult.  Fussy eating is one of my real pet peeves!  Anyway, does Mediterranean in general count as a cuisine?  Italian’s probably my all time fave, ’cause who doesn’t love pizza and pasta.  But, anything overly tomatoe-y/veggie/savoury is especially good in my book.  I haven’t yet been to Italy to sample the cuisine first hand, but I’ve been to plenty authentic restaurants haha. 😛  As long as food isn’t too spicy – I don’t really get the whole ‘enjoying burning your mouth off’ sensation – I’ll like it.  Having said that, I can’t imagine life without roast dinners so good ol’ English food must feature on the list too.  Roast dinners, chicken pies, shepherds pies (slight pie theme going on), that kind of thing are real homely foods.  Such a stereotypical English girl in some ways. 🙂

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    14th November 2014 at 4:41 am

    My favourite cuisine is Italian too! I have been to Italy and I’ve eaten a bit all around. I tend to be very food focussed and I like to cook too. Best of all, I like seafood, Italian style and otherwise. I especially like Sicily for seafood restaurants. They have a rich culinary hertage that extends all over the mediterranean, across Europe and into North Africa. I get sad if I am on a trip and I have to eat awful food. My mum is in England now, so if I ever visit, I will ask you for tips on where and what to eat. I also like roasts and meat pies too.

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      lily kate
      14th November 2014 at 9:17 am

      Italian seafood would be my ultimate favourite too! I’d always pick fish over meat. That literally sounds perfect! You’d love english food too I’m sure 🙂

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