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what’s in my college bag


Quite a lot, to answer that question simply!  My college bag only has stuff that I actually need, but even without unnecessary stuff it feels like it’s filled with bricks.  I’ve added a couple of cute bits and pieces lately so thought I’d share what I’m lugging around with me most days.  This bag wasn’t bought for college but I realised I can just about squish everything in (I will make it fit!) so I’m using this New Look one for now.


Had to start with my pencil case!  It’s had a couple of funny looks at college already but I love it and so do most people haha.  It’s pretty roomy – there’s quite the pen/pencil/ruler/highlighter/scissor orgy going on in there!  I’m one of those people who are far too easily amused and was always a fan of cute stationery (saddo, or am I not the only one?) so this Happy Jackson one suits me well. 😛  Some people have just a pen and a pencil in their bag and that’s it, but I like to have a choice!  Some days I feel like blue pen and some days it has to be black, ok?


My life is in this diary!  Not quite, but the stuff I need to remember is anyway.  Lists, lists and more lists, basically.  So satisfying to tick off!  Homework, blog plans, workouts, stuff to do at home, it’s all in there.  Having everything in one place works for me, and proper physical pages over apps or that newfangled stuff (lol) any day.  My purse is another New Look item, surprise surprise.


Another cute item that’s slightly ironic, seeing as I am taking salad and fruit every day at the moment!  I’ve been fairly good with healthy eating lately, and have prepared myself a salad the night before every day this week. Yay me. 🙂  Pretty much anything goes with me and food, I eat allsorts of weird combinations when I’m only making food for myself and no-one else has to endure it!  Smashed up crackers make great makeshift croutons don’t you know.  I could never be one of those people with the appetite of a sparrow who’s full halfway through every meal (my plate is always left clean) so I usually eat lots, but ‘good’ lots.  My salads aren’t small and I get soup from college at lunch too, as well as loads of fruit and snacks during the day.  Hungry is just such a rubbish feeling!


Lipsticks are the only makeup in my college bag – I couldn’t be bothered topping anything else up during the day but always have at least one lipstick to hand.  At all times.  Usually I have one nude, one bright and one dark in my bag too, just in case I change my mind during the day!  Now I’m realising that maybe I do carry slightly more than the bare necessities… but still I swear, something is seriously weighing it down for it to be that heavy on my arm.


Nothing exciting here, just keeping it real!  That 35p pack of blu tack was the best investment I ever did make.  Came in handy countless times!  And a long ruler because you get marked down in physics exams for using a short one and joining lines together, yes really.  Someone really has time in their day to hold an exam paper up and examine that the line of best fit that closely… what’s that about?  This blue folder’s the only one in my bag; with AS levels I’ve found it so much easier to have one folder just with my current booklets and notes that then goes into separate folders when I get round to organising it at home.  No way I could manage a separate one for every subject every day.  That’s without anything for textiles in either – my journal and fabric and miscellaneous textile-y stuff would no way fit in here so I carry one of those art folders around with me too.  So much stuff!

What random items are in your bag every day?

**Pencil case and lunchbox are the other two items I was sent by Flamingo Gifts, lots more entertaining and quirky pieces available over there!**

lily kate x

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    22nd March 2015 at 3:35 am

    I am probabaly guilty of carrying around more than I really need but I’m always thinking I’ll need everything in there, so it doesn’t feel like too much. haha. I do get a lot of crap from my boyfriend about it though. I have a giant dance bag I take too, but my “purse” if you can even call it that also houses my laptop, that I wedge between my planner and teaching folder. Right now, there are ballet shoes in my bag because I had a small performance this morning and didn’t feel like hauling my giant bag just for them. But my bag is seriously heavy.

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    22nd March 2015 at 3:35 am


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    24th March 2015 at 1:22 am

    I always have more little things than I need in my bag because I think “oh, it’s so tiny, it doesn’t weigh anything,” but it adds up I guess! A few different flavors of gum, plenty of pens, more bandaids than I’ll (hopefully) ever need, etc. What do you use the blu tack for? I have some “poster tack” that looks pretty similar but all I use it for is sticking posters to my walls haha.

    • Reply
      lily kate
      25th March 2015 at 9:33 pm

      Me too! Silly little things that are actually quite heavy and take up valuable space. Gum isn’t really my thing, but I nearly always have a pack of paracetamol or something haha. I use blu tack for sticking stuff in my textiles journal mainly, but it’s come in handy in the most random of cases!

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