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The high waist bikini of dreams & perfect English summer’s day

A moment of appreciation for this beautiful (if short lived) summer weather please.  Oh sunshine, how I do love you. Us Brits know that when BBC weather shows the little sun symbol for a whole damn day you’d better make the most of it, so my mum, brother and I decided to take full advantage and head to the Lakes for the day.

I’m all for exploring new places (Haweswater most recently) but sometimes an ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ approach is better so we headed to an old favourite place.  This particular patch of Coniston lake has been on the blog many a time before, from back in the days when I wore pink crocs to go for a paddle (if you think I’m linking that one you’re mistaken) to improptu lake swims a few weeks ago.  Will forever be the best place to rock up with a car full of stuff and chill out for the day though, so chill we did.  I can’t remember the last time I just laid down with a book in the middle of the day and fell asleep.  Was glorious.

What was even more glorious?  The fact that I could finally take my new bikini for a spin further than my bedroom.  And not just a quick spin for photos whilst pretending the goosebumps aren’t real – a proper, chill in a bikini all afternoon, spin.  Sometimes I think I could happily never leave the UK again on beautiful days like this in beautiful places.  (Then I remember how excited I get when exploring new countries so that thought passes quickly).

On the first swimwear appropriate day in the North West, I sure as hell wasn’t going to pass up the chance to wear this babe of a bikini.  I have a bit of a thing for swimwear that’s usually somewhat incompatible with living in the UK, you know?  A cute cossie will get me every time.  I’ve most definitely found a favourite in this bikini though.  It’s the first high waist bikini I’ve owned, and to be honest I’m wondering why on Earth it’s taken me so long.  High waist bikinis are bloody brilliant, I’ve learnt.

Swimwear-wise I tend to prefer chunkier bikini styles to itty bitty string pieces.  Not for the reason that they provide more coverage – I’m not really bothered by flashing skin –  but they just seem so much more flattering on me than skimpier ones.  Plus my torso’s so long that even with high waist bottoms and a longline top there’s still plenty of midriff free to tan anyway, and it certainly doesn’t look frumpy.

I have to say though that this isn’t any ordinary bikini.  Definitely said that like the M&S advert.  This one’s really quite special; it’s pricier but goodness me do you feel the difference.  The bottoms are structured all over to hug in all the right ways without needing to be super tight, and there’s boning built into the sides so the lace up stays perfectly in place.  I can’t say I did any rigorous swimming on this occasion but I’m fairly sure it’d be the most secure bikini I own if I had!  No nip slips on waterslides with this one (because that hasn’t happened to me before or anything…).  The longline top has plenty structure to be worn strapless without being boob-flattening-ly tight (you know what I mean about those bandeaus that squish your boobs down to pancakes) and I just can’t really say enough good things.  I’m a sucker for a lace up and a good fit, what can I say.

Bikini: c/o UKSwimwear 

Oh how I wish every summer’s day could be like this.  Sadly there are a few revision filled rainy ones to get through first.  Bikini weather soon again please!

Lily Kate x

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