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Things that have made this awful week good

It’s taken me a long time to figure out how to write my first post since Monday night’s events, because everything just felt numb. I couldn’t focus on anything other than thoughts of the poor people who lost their lives and their loved ones in the Manchester bombing. It seems callous to say that life goes on when unfortunately for some it doesn’t, but I don’t know what I can say that hasn’t been said more eloquently and profoundly already.  I’ve tried and failed.  So whilst it still feels wrong to write about shoes, clothes and little happy snippets of life, I think we’ve all had a wakeup call about how short life is this week and how important it is to enjoy the little things.

Obviously in most ways it’s been an absolutely horrendous week, but Joli House isn’t a news platform and a little break from the harrowing news is OK.  So I thought I’d share a few things that have made this a good week – some personal to me and some general.

Seeing how selfless and helpful so many people are.  Looking after number one went out the window, and watching story after story of people doing whatever they possibly could helped restored faith in humanity.  Most people are good people, they really really are.

Strangers giving compliments.  From the older lady who complimented my posture in Morrison’s the other day to the numerous people who’ve come over to ask where my trousers are from (sign of a good buy when stranger’s need to know isn’t it?) – every single one has been appreciated.  I’ve made sure I’ve handed out compliments myself too

Social media being used for good.  Social media receives enough flack these days (with good reason) but goodness me has it done well this week.  That pesky little thing that makes us feel both happy and crappy about our lives has proven its worth.

Sunshine and how uplifting it feels.  Oh the British sense of community when everyone feels compelled to comment on the weather in unison.  Supermarkets sell out of disposable barbecues, whilst we all alternate between saying how much we love the sun and how we’re not made for it.  For me personally, revision in the sun has been so much better than revision indoors looking out through drizzle, and I can’t help but find warmth on my back is so comforting and lovely.  It’s an excuse to wear items like cropped tops and espadrilles because it finally feels like summer.

Shoes: c/o EGO | Culottes: Marks & Spencer | Top: River Island

That’s a short list (and not what I’d had in mind to accompany this beautiful sunset light) but it’s a start.  Just going to end by saying we all know to hug our loved ones just a little bit tighter this week.

Lily Kate x

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