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Love Me Some Lace | Never Gets Old

Wow it feels like ages since a dressy outfit post graced the blog.  I’ve changed my direction a little lately and been a little more wordy with my posts, but the love for pretty dresses remains!  Plus I’ve a spontaneous new hairstyle too, so hiiii getting my glam on to prance around on a Saturday afternoon.  In the middle of a road.  As you do.


So yeah, red-ish hair again!  Every now and then I get bored of my brunette mane and decide on the spur of the moment to buy a couple of packs of hair dye and change it right away.  Don’t know why the sudden urge to dye it right now after being the same shade for months comes from.  I tried to convince myself that red would complement my ridiculously pale skin better than light-ish brown did – not convinced my logic was correct there but hey ho!


I just typed ‘hair dye’ into the search bar of my blog to see exactly when I’d last switched up my colour, and it just hit me how odd it is to have a search bar of your own life like that.  It’s actually pretty damn weird, isn’t it?  I knew I’d have included hair dying in any posts I wrote at the time, and yep – on the 24th December 2015 to be precise.  My redhead attempts failed that time. 😛  But I can literally just type whatever phrase into the search box and it’s like a little portal back in time in my mind, and that’s cool.  Odd, but cool.  I’ve been blogging long enough now that I’ve forgotten half the stuff I’ve written about (even my memory isn’t that good), but just searching one little phrase can jog a memory.  Like searching for ‘lace’ to find all the other times I’ve worn my fave fabric.  Love me some lace. <3  I’ve even managed to turn an itty-bitty lace shawl into a top before now, never mind all the dresses!


dress: c/o Jones and Jones | shoes: Marks and Spencer


jones-and-jones-lace-pleat dress

Now I’ll stop waffling and give a brief low down on the dress of the day.  From Jones & Jones, of course.  I’m begging for the perfect winter party occasion to come up to take it out for a spin (that skirt does a bloody good spin) and have gotta say it’s one of my fave J&J designs so far.  Lace, backless, midi and a lil’ bit strappy – how much more to my taste could it get?  I think it’d work equally well for a summer soiree too, but all thoughts of warm days have been firmly pushed to the back of my mind by now.  I’m finally drinking hot chocolate and accepting the doom of cold rainy winter.  She says, still prancing around with bare arms and legs because the dress is cute…


lily kate x

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    11th November 2016 at 3:48 pm

    You shouldn’t berate yourself that way, that red her is super. the glow it gives your complexion is second to none and that blue lace dress is bae

    • Reply
      Lily Kate France
      24th November 2016 at 8:28 am

      Thank you Chinyere! I’ll just embrace the pale life haha 🙂 The dress is so lovely isn’t it!

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