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lily diaries | what I got up to in February

I thought it was the last day of February today.  Forgot about that leap year thing.  In no particular order, snippets of my month!


I decided bodysuits are going to be a ‘thing’ of mine this year.  The girl who can never find cropped tops long enough has found an alternative, yay!  Very excited to wear this Topshop one in a ‘going-outy’ way and dress it down casual too.


Be prepared for lots of photos of pretty skies.  February treated us.  I caught a glimpse of this sunset from the dining room and literally sprinted 30 steps up to my bedroom to take a photo out the roof before it disappeared.  Pretty sure the neighbours must think I’m weird the amount I poke my head out above the tiles.


The very kind (and very helpful) people over at Triangl offered me a bikini ( 😀 😀 😀 ).  Sadly don’t think I’ll be able to flaunt it just yet without catching hypothermia but just made me even more excited for summer!  I chose the Piper style, a simple textured one rather than the classic piped edgings, and I love how it fits.  Bring on warmer days.


Most people’s #IHaveThisThingWithFloors feature pretty tiles in fancy patterns.  Mine features… I don’t even know what this is.  Some bizarre creature outside the Ashton Memorial at Williamson Park.


Cute wanders on sunny afternoons are a fun way to pass a few hours after college. 🙂  I liked the lines of the trees and the shadows so needed a photo haha.


30 seconds from the motorway here!  Never actually been to this pace before even though I pass it literally every day.


I found a new coffee spot in town that might just be my fave already.  Ham & Jam’s only been open for a few months and and has a really fresh cool vibe.  Richard the owner was really friendly, and the cheeky bite of my mum’s lemon meringue tart that I stole (I was being good and not undoing all my time in the gym with cake!) was so good.  I’ll make sure I’m having a cheat day next time. 😛  Blogger’s dream lighting-wise too – so bright and white!  Preston is upping its game.


Much coffee.  Always.



Bolton Abbey looking rather impressive there!


More impressive skies!  Just ignore the floating ceiling light reflection yeah?


Obviously my Sunday morning run wuldn’t be complete without stopping to take photos about 10 times because omg there are flowers and that mens SPRING and warmth and YAYYY.  I stopped at the outdoor gym thingy and did a load of pulldowns and situps too, so I think I made up for it!  Nice to swap the gym workouts for something more fresh.


It finally feels like the final stretch of A-levels – 121 days and I’m done for good, whattt?  I’m really liking my ‘Qualities of Light’ theme for textiles but slightly freaking out at the amount of work I have to do / information I have to cram my brain with over the next few months.  Not sure if my sanity’s gonna make it out intact.  But yeah, here’s a constellations-inspired batik sample that I’m quite happy with!  Layering acetate over things always seems to work and a bit of beading never hurt anyone. 🙂


Andddd I’m gonna leave February on this crazy-eyed note.  I was trying out the smile shutter function on my camera, yeah?

lily kate x

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