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6 on my lips | my all-time favourite lipsticks


Hello, my name’s Lily and I’m not a beauty blogger.  Howeverrrrr, I do like my lipstick and feel ever so slightly naked if I leave the house without it.  Other than if I’m going to the gym, nipping to Spar for bread (when someone I know ALWAYS seems to drive past), or just running way too late.  But yeah, I’ve amassed a collection that some might consider pretty modest (beauty bloggers I’m looking at you) but isn’t exactly minimal, shall we say.  I also do still manage to get bright lipstick on my chin every time I eat, without fail.  ‘Have I got lipstick on my chin?’ has become my lunchtime catchphrase and it’s slightly embarrassing, so if you have any tips on that front, give me a shout.  So now I’ve established I’m no beauty aficionado, here are my current favourites, some of which have earned their place over a while, some of which are more recent discoveries.  And I’m already remembering ones I should have included but completely forgot.  Oh well.  Onwards!


Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte lipstick in Crushed Plum – definitely mentioned this one far too many times here already but it remains a fave, so sorry if I sound like a broken record!  This purchase was definitely worth it.  Just feels so nice and comfortable and ahhhh.  If I feel like my outfit and face are looking a little ‘blah’, this one’s my go-to to add some colour (can’t quite bring myself to be a full ‘pop of colour’ blogger cliche lol).  I’m not sure what to say other than it makes me happy to wear.  Makes me paranoid that I’ve got lipstick across my chin and on my eyebrows too (not joking – it’s happened before) but I can live with that because it’s so rich.


Ciate Liquid Velvet lipstick shade ‘Pin Up’– I feel like it’s a teensy tiny bit Kylie Jenner eqsue, but not quite.  I actually own 3 mini ones of these from a set my mum put in my Christmas stocking, and this dark-ish nude is my fave of the 3.  The formula’s feels like mousse but dries really matte, and is lightweight to the point that I usually forget I’m wearing it.  Until I feel the need for lipbalm because it’s so matte and dry.  Nice colours and finish though!


Rimmel The Only 1 shade ‘Best of The Best’ – So shiny.  So bright.  So smiley.  My expression represents my feelings for this one.  I have a few reds and sometimes steal my mum’s fave Chanel one too, but I’ve found this one to be my perfect daytime red because it’s not too deep and matte.  It’s fresh and bright, which I love, and the formula’s surprisingly long-lasting for one so shiny.


Rimmel Kate Moss shade 05 – Pink lipstick and I have a strange relationship in that usually, we do not mix well, and I end up looking like I’m auditioning to play Barbie.  So when I do find one I get along with, well, I just hope I don’t lose it, basically.  Shade 05 is my goldilocks pink lipstick – not too sickly, too pale (can’t stand lipstick too pale) and not too crazy saturated.  Therefore a favourite.


Primark Matte Long Last Lipstick – Not gonna lie, I was slightly sceptical of Primark’s beauty collection at first but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with loads of their products!  The lipsticks and nail varnishes in particular are great.  Somehow this one’s come up shiny-ish on camera which is weird because it’s actually quite matte and chalky, but whatever.  The colour lasts all day, no joke.  You won’t forget you’re wearing it as it’s pretty heavy, but not smudgy so swings and roundabouts.  Just wear it with lip balm underneath though or you’ll have those fun sandpaper lips by the end of the day.  I kinda had to include two dark lipsticks in my faves because my love for them is having a revival atm – this Primark one looks similar to the Bobbi Brown crushed plum but isn’t quite as deep and dark, and is generally better at staying in place.  Oh and about 10% of the price.


Rimmel Kate Moss nude shade 45 Another Rimmel one, shocker.  I like their formula lots (not too keen on all their lip products but this one’s perfff) and they’re inexpensive so win-win.  This one’s a ‘my lips but better kind of shade’ that really doesn’t do a great deal colour wise, but is just nice if you’re going for no-makeup vibes or have cranked up the smoky eyes so want something low key.


And now I’ve kinda dipped my toe into the beauty blogging water again.  What next?  Tell me which lipsticks I need to try!

lily kate x

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    13th March 2016 at 4:41 am

    I don’t wear makeup, so I don’t know why I feel the need to comment, but here I am, weighing in! I like your selections. My favourites are the first, Bobbi Brown and the last Rimmel. They both have a nice matte look and very rich colours. Is MAC lipstick popular in England? It is big here. I know it from ballet classes. My daughters are in shows in which they tell us they all have to wear the same shade of Mac lipstick. I find the colours are quite appealing, the quality is decent, and they seem to stay on. I always worry about getting it on teeth though.

    • Reply
      lily kate
      15th March 2016 at 7:38 pm

      Thank you for commenting anyway, Max! Bobbi Brown is my favourite too, love matte 🙂 MAC is popular yes! I only have one of their lipsticks because it isn’t stocked in shops near me but it’s super popular. I remember all wearing the same lipstick for dance shows too 🙂 I don’t seem to have a problem with it getting on teeth, but getting on my chin is another matter!

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    13th March 2016 at 9:39 am

    Hey! I am definitely not a true beauty blogger reader (quite the opposite tbh!) but I really like this entry of yours! All of your lipsticks are beautiful, but I must say I definitely have a crush on the last nude one!
    As far as I am concerned, I have that MAC lipstick which shade I forgot, that is my “my owns lips but in better” shade too, haha. I also have the NARS lipstick in shade “Jeanne”, it looks brown at first but once applied it gives a very dark red shade and it lasts the whole day! I also have many bright red shades from Chanel and Guerlain, and I tried once the fancy and VERY expensive Serge Lutens lipsticks which are certainly quite worth the price tag in terms of lasting and pretty shades, but still not affordable to me!
    I love that you can have so many lipsticks and never get tired of any of them! I actually always think I never have enough, haha!
    Oh and the trick to not get lipstick everywhere but on my lips? After I apply it, I pat my mouth with a tissue, and when I want it to last forever, I use that Artdeco thing that acts like a varnish. Never failed me so far! (but the “red teeth syndrome” is still going on, unfortunately I might be nibbling my lips way too much!)

    Have a wonderful day Lily!
    Clothilde xx

    • Reply
      lily kate
      15th March 2016 at 7:44 pm

      I’m not either tbh, hence why my beauty posts are few and far between even though I wear makeup almost daily!
      I’d love to try NARS lipsticks, they look so luxurious! You can definitely never have enough haha, I always find reason to justofy more!
      I need to try this Artdeco thing! Must be something to do with the shape of my lips. I never get lipstick on my teeth though, funnily enough!

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