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If there’s one thing people think is weird about me (well, one of many things people find weird about me), it’s the fact that I’m not really all that ‘into’ music.
Wow that really does sound odd.  Absolute fail of a teenager, I know!

Let’s backtrack a little – I do listen to music.  Quite a lot actually.  I like background sound, and there’s nothing like a good playlist with a good beat to power through a long run.  I’m just not obsessed with it.  I don’t go the ‘listening to one track on repeat’ thing and I can’t say I’ve ever been a mad fangirl for any particular artist or band.  Yep, this puts me in the minority, especially for my age group and I guess it’s what dulls the idea of music festivals for me.  Along with the toilet situation.  I’m just not all that moved by music.  Certain songs will always bring back memories of individuals (crazyyyy how just one line can take you back in an instant), so I guess there is some attachment there.  It’s kinda limited though, I’ll be honest!

Extra weird coming now…  I don’t really ‘do’ TV either.  I’m susceptible to the odd Netflix binge but day to day watching just ain’t my thing.  Probably shouldn’t admit that I don’t actually know how to work the TV, should I?  Laptop > TV any day.  Total internet addict.  Aren’t we all?

So what the hell do I actually listen to?  A rather strange combination, basically.  For the most part you find me either tuned in to the radio, or watching Youtube.  My inner geek I suppose.  Youtube keeps me company when I’m home alone.  Not gonna lie, I do subscribe to a lot of Youtubers for pure light-hearted idiocy (and I do love a good vlog!), but my soft spot is for documentaries/ideas programmes.  I’ve definitely got a bit of a taste for the random and these satisfy it.  TED talks are the best!  “The surprisingly logical minds of babies” – sounds interesting. “Synthetic voices as fingerprints” Bring it on.  The more obscure the better really.  Oh and I find documentaries about unusual people strangely fascinating too.  I’m curious about the lives of unique people, y’know?

I’ve recently found this one (Monica Lewinsky – The price of shame) really interesting, but tbh I haven’t watched a single one that wasn’t worthwhile.  These people can talk their talk.  A powerful poem about what it feels like to be transgender; The history of autism; The joy of surfing in ice cold water, to list but a few.

Whilst you’re at it, geeks and otherwise go sign up to Flipboard too!  Select your areas of interest, browse the selections brought up (it’s like Pinterest, but for articles) and before you know it that’s 2 hours of your life you’ll never get back.

And just to cement your view of me as an oddball (like that’s really necessary), I sometimes to listen to Desert Island Discs before I go to sleep too. Last night was Freddie Flintoff… tomorrow who knows?  I just like to hear interesting people talk about their lives.  Well, half the time I fall asleep after the first couple of songs, but the idea’s there.  They’re oddly relaxing and comforting to listen to.

That said, there’s music all around me of course.  Mum’s pretty much a Radio 1 and charts kinda person, brother discovered Slipknot a few years ago (FGS), and Dad bless him can’t move on from AC/DC and Iron Maiden.  Boyfriend is very musically talented too and is somewhat disgusted by my lack of interest.  Maybe I’m yet to ‘get’ it?  Who knows.  In the meantime, have a look at my geek links.  You never know – you might find a sudden interest in Magical Houses Made of Bamboo too.

lily kate x

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P.S. Since the early hours of Sunday morning I’ve been home from my week away, so normal posting shall resume shortly!  Lots of holiday pics to come 😛


  • Reply
    19th July 2015 at 12:24 pm

    I’m definitely a music person – mostly as background noise, and I especially love folk and indie kind of stuff. It’s very chilled!! I don’t really ever learn the lyrics or the names of songs though 🙂
    I totally get it about the whole TV thing – TED talks are so great to watch! I find the stuff on TV can be very trashy… Much more interested in things which I can learn from! Can’t wait to watch some of those that you’ve linked to!!

  • Reply
    19th July 2015 at 5:11 pm

    I’m a music person in the sense that I love having background music from 8tracks but I don’t actively search for new music. I guess that’s why I don’t actually know any of the latest songs! Hahaha! I love listening to TED Talks AND I’m a laptop girl too! I spend hours on the internet! It’s the best! Haha <3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin’

    Moved to: http://www.heybash.com/

  • Reply
    20th July 2015 at 2:42 pm

    I am like you! I was not that ‘into’ music as a teenager. I did listen to it, but I did a lot of activities that required quiet. I also realize that a lot of music was i fluenced by what friends or boyfriends liked or considered cool. For instance, I did not dare like Duran Duran or Culture Club back in the day if a boy I liked was not man enough to to tolerate that kind of stuff. Plus I liked music associated with other interests such as the Fiddler on the Roof soundtrack, with Zero Mostel! It did seem like other teenagers were so into it and identified themselves with a certain style or brand of music. It is good for showing your identity, but I have never been too fussed about it.

    Oh, and then I became an adult and started meeting men who like Jazz, in the way one might go to a university lecture or a foreign film, you know, with notebook in hand and deep thoughts at the ready… sighh…

    • Reply
      lily kate
      21st July 2015 at 10:41 am

      Yay I’m not alone! I feel like teenagers especially are supposed to be mega ‘into’ it. Loads of teenagers use it as their identity, but I’d say outfits are more my equivalent!
      What we listen to depends entirely on who we’re with. I think our interests in general tend to fluctuate depending on our current company tbh.
      Oh you always sound like you lead a very interesting life Max 😀

  • Reply
    22nd July 2015 at 11:07 pm

    In the nicest possible way, you often seem like a 30/40 year old in a very young woman’s body. I really do mean that positively though as you seem to have such a pleasant and mature outlook on life and topics!

    I’m with you on the toilet situation putting me off festivals (ew) and addictive documentary watching. I’ve learnt so many random things from Netflix Documentary binges!

    Megan x
    London Callings

    • Reply
      lily kate
      24th July 2015 at 8:17 pm

      Haha I’ve been told I’m older than my years several times! Guess I’ve always been this way 😛

      Festivals sound more hassle than they’re worth don’t they! I just find the most random documentaries really interesting 😀

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