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Jumper: New Look
Trousers (pants? leggings?): H&M
Boots and Necklace: Next

Heels on the blog, oh my!  Borrowed from mum again, hehe.  Happens when you have good taste!  Sometimes I find heels are needed just to balance out proportions a little, since I have such a long torso relative to my legs.  It’s quite ridiculous how long my body is haha, sat up really straight I’m inches above everyone else!  Anyway, proportions:  I’ve found that to avoid looking top-heavy (I have titchy tiny feet too), chunky, bold shoes tend to work by far the best for me.  As you may have noticed, I don’t necessarily have a ‘personal style’ that I stick to, but I’ve found that flitting between all sorts of outfits I’ve been able to find out what suits me best, and what maybe doesn’t look so great.



grey-leather-jeans Earlier today I read Alexandra’s post on ‘blogger envy’. (Her blog is definitely worth a read!). It’s not a subject I’ve not given much thought to before, but after reading her post, I totally agree!  It’s so easy to compare yourself to other ‘elite bloggers’, and almost try to emulate their style in some way.  They make it look so effortless, right?  However whilst being ‘inspired’ by something or other can often work, recently I’ve found that keeping it really simple with the styles that suit me best is the easiest way of ‘expressing myself’ so to speak!  So many times I’ve heard people expressing their personality through eye-catching, extrovert clothing and a bajillion accessories, but even as an extrovert myself I don’t feel that this is always necessary.  Do you feel like the way you dress represents your personality?  Personally I think that body language and posture etc. says a lot more about a person than their attire, but maybe that’s just me!





black-zip-sweater Looks like my fringe could do with a trim haha!  My hair’s faded a little since I last dyed it (back in September), and I’m thinking of re-dying it dark again soon.  Colour maintenance tips, anybody?


long-brunetter-hair Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you’re all having a relaxing pre-christmas rush weekend 🙂

lily x


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    Alice Evans
    1st December 2013 at 1:34 pm

    Your hair is lovely this colour! + I adore that necklace 🙂

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    1st December 2013 at 7:20 pm

    Yeah, I can relate to blogger envy. I don’t have a blog and in real life, I don’t go around snapping photos of myself and looking so well put together, but I sometimes do think, why don’t I try to put together a a nice outfit and look like that beautiful girl Lily! Especially since I just finished knitting the most ambitious cabled sweater ever. I should go out (into the drizzle) and glam it up a bit, non? Hee hee! I agree with your idea on personal style though. Something more related to the person you are, like posture, facial expression and confidence will do more for self expression than outfits. Though, if you like clothes, why not test out different looks?

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