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a hangover run |thoughts while jogging

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After debating whether a hangover run would be the best or worst decision of my life, I grabbed my trainers and thought ‘sod it I’ll go’.  Those wine calories needed to go somewhere, and running gives me headspace to be in my own little world and just THINK.  It’s nice being in your own company sometimes. Good for knocking a hangover on the head, too.

I’m a pretty observant person anyway, but I notice even more when on foot.  Whilst pounding the pavements is the perfect time for more observations and wonderings.

— I ran through the park and it sent me straight back to last summer, this night especially.  Can it just be summer again already so we can bring a picnic blanket and bottles of cider and have a laugh and just do that ‘summer chill’ thing? Seriously craving that vibe right now.

— My blogger brain wouldn’t switch off – I literally found myself narrating blog posts in my head, thinking as if I was writing.  What a weirdo.

— I passed loads of dog walkers, most of them probably over 60, and wondered what it’s like to be retired and have all the time in the world to do whatever the hell you want.  Gross generalisation, obviously, I know life isn’t that simple at any age, but I couldn’t help but wonder what it feels like to not have work or school to go back to on Monday.  Is it satisfying feeling like you’ve done your bit?  Now you can sit back and take it easy or go all out adventurous, the choice is yours.  Having all those decades to look back on must be an interesting feeling.

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— I spotted scraps of paper with the handwritted words ‘I love you so much Zunaid’ ripped in two.  On the pavement around the docks.  Do they still love Zunaid?  Did Zunaid break their heart?  Did Zunaid tear the paper himself?  Is Zunaid a long-lost memory that needed tearing to shreds?  I know absolutely nothing about the situation, but this spot on the docks was emotional, I can guess that much.  Places hold such strong memories for me (as I mentioned last week) and somebody will definitely have super strong memories of this place too.  It’s weird how all the random park benches and pavements around the docks must have such a history.  The most unremarkable places can mean so much.

— I nosey-ed at the dockside flats and wondered what it’s like to live somewhere slightly more unconventional like that.  I’ve ony ever lived in suburbia really.

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— I enjoyed the hour outside and didn’t bother trying to have a race with any other joggers.  Admit it, you’ve probably picked an unsuspecting stranger to race too.  I mainly didn’t bother because I’m out of practice and can’t exactly run fast atm, but I wasn’t even aiming to push myself fitness wise particularly anyway.  Was just an hour to be outside and be observant and hopefully sweat out a few of the toxins.

–I passed the ice cream parlour on my way home and again, it made me want summer NOW.   So that ice cream can feel ‘right’ and I can have the Jaffa cake flavour again please.  Strangely though it feels like no time at all since we were celebrating both my AS results and my brother’s GCSE results in that ice cream cafe last summer – now we’re gearing up to do the next round of exams already and it’ll be results day again before we know it.  Celebrations or commiserations shall involve ice cream again, I’ve already decided.

—  I wondered whether said hangover was being sly and would come back and smack me in the face around 2 in the afternoon.  Currently on 3:44pm  and no sign yet.

A hangover run was a good idea, in conclusion. 🙂

lily kate x

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  • Reply
    20th March 2016 at 8:59 am

    Love this post; I know how good a hungover run feels. Back in January when I was out every weekend back-to-back I made it my mission to run the morning after, and it makes the rest of the day a whole lot easier.

    That note you found by the dock is so thought-provoking. I love things like that, realising there’s life and emotion all around you. Safe to say Lily I sometimes think we’re the same person.

    Have a wonderful weekend!x


    • Reply
      lily kate
      26th March 2016 at 7:35 pm

      Hangover runs are the best way to get rid of the headache aren’t they! Makes you feel less guilty about the number of calories in wine too haha. 🙂

      Sometimes I think we’re the same person, too. We are definitely meeting up this year btw!

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