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Another one from back in the day when the sun shone!  Another of my bargainous outfit finds too; splashed out a whole £3 in the Primark sale on this dress.  I was slightly dubious whether the drop waist would make my (already stupidly long) torso look even more stupidly longer, but £3 is hardly a great gamble so why not!  I’ve worn it today with fancypants tights and aside from being one of those dresses that you can’t really feel touching the back of your legs so are paranoid it’s stuck to your bum, all seems good.  Any male reading this probably has no idea what I’m on about, but I’m sure most girls must know what I mean!  The superficial struggles of day to day life, eh?  Skirt paranoia is up there with taking your headache inducing bun down and whipping a strapless bra off after a full day, as far as #girlproblems go.


dress: Primark | hat: New Look | boots: Topshop | jacket: TK Maxx

All white is my thingggg but I’m kinda liking all black too!  Minus the blue denim jacket that’s getting kinda repetitive already but ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.


Usually these final paragraphs seem to be my space for blabbing on about what I’ve been up to, but to be honest it’d be no different to last week so I’ll spare you!  I’m only just getting used to having these Thursday nights free now that I’m not at dancing, but I’m still bloody glad it’s Friday tomorrow and bank holiday weekend!  Got plenty stuff planned so should be a good one 😀

lily kate x

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    Gareth From StyleHoney.com
    7th May 2015 at 8:05 pm

    Such a stunning dress. You look gorgeous in this shoot 🙂 x

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