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november writing challenge | day 14 | in one year

Dad’s photography this time!  An outfit comprised of entirely birthday presents – my mama knows my taste well. 😀  I’ve pretty much lived in this jumper since receiving it as a birthday pressie.  I so often seem to choose outfits that are uncomfortable or annoying (awkward belts, skirts twisting and riding up, tight tops anyone?) so it’s nice to wear a comfy yet put together look.  Loose cosy jumpers are great, and I love this a-line fluffy skirt.  One of those different-but-not-too-quirky pieces that suit my style perfectly.


jumper: Next | skirt and shoes: Dorothy Perkins


And a #fromwhereIstand, because… I like my shoes. 🙂  These are such awkward selfies to take haha!


How cute is this poppy bracelet?  Rather than buying paper poppies that without fail fall off and get lost, I’ve been wearing this little one on my wrist instead.  ‘Shoulder to shoulder with those who serve’ is inscribed on the back, which I though was a sweet idea for rememberance.

Anyway, writing challenge!

“What do you want to tell yourself in one year?”

This is a tough one!  I’ve already written what I’d tell my elderly self, and writing to myself a year ago would be considerably easier too.  One year into the future seems a bit awkward!  I’ll be just eighteen, which sounds really weird, because that means adult and how did that happen?

I’d like to tell myself that it’s ok to have expectations of people, and to hope they’d do the same for you as you would for them.  Because some people actually will, and those people need to be appreciated!  Others just won’t for one reason or another, and it’s probably best not to forget that these ‘others’ do exist.  Take a step back to imagine what you’d think of situations from an outsider’s perspective, and don’t convince yourself of what you want to believe!

I’d like to tell myself to make sure I carry on blogging, even though I doubt I’ll ever consider stopping!  I don’t know how often I’ll be posting by then, but I hope I’ll be including more and more variety whilst sticking to my favourite topics that I’ve always written about.  However, I don’t want to forget why I started, and make sure every post is something I’m glad to have written.  More importantly, I want to keep giving back to the bloggy community and continue to find more and more lovely people.  Expand my circles in as many ways as possible!

I’d like to tell myself to do things in moderation, and don’t take on too much thinking that ‘I’ll fit it in somehow’.  I’m not the best at getting stuff done quickly, so I’ve gotta be realistic!  Signing myself up for this that and the other can seem like a good idea a the time, but I *hope* I’ll be a little more adept at choosing selectively by next year.

Looking back through pictures from last year I don’t think I look any different; I think my writing style has maybe changed slightly, but I don’t think I’ll change too much in any way by next year.  That’s why it’s difficult to know what I’d tell myself!  Who knows, perhaps I will.  Do you think you’ve changed over the past year?

lily kate x
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    15th November 2014 at 4:44 pm

    Love your blog and especially this combo! Would be great if you could check out my blog. ♥

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