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the ultimate red leather jacket

It’s rare that a single item receives a dedicated blog post these days, unless I made it, in which case I can write 900 words about a jumper. Often feels like there’s no real point, right? That said, this particular new wardrobe edition feels deserving of a little blog airtime, so here we are. Blog, meet my new red leather jacket.

A couple of weeks ago I was kindly invited to an event with British brand Lakeland Leather at their Bowness store, a town I’ve visited many times. Most blogger events are in cities so was lovely to be invited to one in a prettier location, and the drive through the Lakes on a sunny day isn’t exactly a chore. I have many fond memories of being a little kid in my mum’s MINI, driving through the Lake District with the roof down singing along to Pat Benatar, and I rather enjoyed reliving those times down the country lanes behind the wheel myself this time. Haven’t managed to acquire a MINI convertible (yet), but Pat Benatar I can do. Bloody good job nobody could hear my rendition though.

Since the sun was a’shining I pottered around in Bowness for a while beforehand, learned about the Lakeland brand and leather story from members of their team, chatted to the lovely ladies who’d been invited along. It can often seem like the blogger/Instagrammer/influencer/whatever you want to call it world is very city-centric (or even just London-centric, let’s be honest) so I welcomed the opportunity to meet women sharing their style and lives scattered around the North West.

Of course I then proceeded to try on almost every jacket in the shop.  This red one caught my eye first though and no matter how many others I tried on, the red always came back favourite, so the decision wasn’t exactly difficult in the end.  This gal loves her red, what can I say.  It might not seem like the most practical colour choice, but my reasons were A) I get loads of wear out of my bright pink jacket so red would probably be similar, B) I wanted a jacket for all year round, not a black one that looks wintery, and C) you’ll usually find me wearing blue and white so red goes just nicely. Once the Sun comes out I suddenly start wearing all the colour, and I don’t fancy retreating to black and brown outerwear on the days when the weather didn’t get the memo. Interestingly of the 8 women who came along, nobody chose a black jacket – nice to see they didn’t invite a boring bunch of people! Lakeland bring out different colours each season but always include a red, and I can see why.

jacket: Lakeland Leather (gifted) | top: Moves by Minimum (gifted) | shoes: Veja | skirt: Acynetic at TK Maxx

Also, I’d forgotten just how much I adore this spotty little blouse from Moves by Minimum, which I’ve since found in the sale at ASOS if you fancy one yourself. I can’t for the life of me remember the technical term for the fabric but it’s what I would describe as ‘boingy’, so is ideal for bagging out over jeans and skirts as it doesn’t flop over and keeps a nice shape. Paired with The Best Fitting Skirt Ever (a TK Maxx gem) and my go-to Veja trainers, I rather like the whole combination.

Lily Kate x

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    21st May 2019 at 1:36 pm

    cute attire.

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    23rd August 2020 at 11:41 pm

    Beautiful, elegant and sexy look.

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