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the spring pink coat of dreams

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to an item you’re going to become very familiar with over the coming months: Pink Coat.  I’m yet to think of a more imaginative title (I’m aware naming clothes is slightly odd, don’t worry), so we’ll go with Pink Coat for now.  We’re very good friends.  You know those items of clothing that you just keep thinking about, and mentally plan all the outfits you’ll wear it with before you even own it?  That.  I decided I needed a bright pink checked knee length coat in my life and here we are.

I fell head over heels for this coat the first time I wore it, which happened to be whilst shooting Ecommerce work for Very a couple of months ago.  Go spot your gal on the sunglasses page if you fancy a nosey.  Pink Coat was a prop used for shooting lots of lovely sunglasses, and once I’d worn it once, I decided I couldn’t live without it.  Just a classic staple piece, y’know?  Pink Coat is from River Island, I’d have actually been surprised to not see it all over Instagram as one of ‘those blogger items‘ if it wasn’t for the fact that it never actually appeared on the River Island website or in store, only at ASOS and Very.  Where it naturally sold out in my size the day I was going to buy it (the problem with waiting for payday, people), so off to Ebay I went.  My luck was in, and 2 months later Pink Coat is mine.  Hurrah for that.

Now why the obsession with one particular coat, you may ask?  I honestly don’t know.  My best answer is that it felt incredibly ‘me’, in a way that is often difficult to pinpoint.  Personal style is a very strange thing, and you’d think that after coming up 5 years (!!!) of writing and reading ‘fashion’ blogs, I’d have figured out how to define it by now.  You would be wrong.  I still struggle to answer ‘how would you describe your personal style’ questions; ‘preppy, classic, sometimes a nod towards retro and sometimes boring AF’ doesn’t seem like an adequate answer.  Outfits’  that feel ‘me’ covers quite the range, as I’m equally happy in an all black, leather jacket, and chunky boots as in this obnoxiously pink getup.  Isn’t it strange how sometimes you can’t quite put your finger on why, but something can feel either very ‘you’, or absolutely not?  An outfit could make one person feel fabulous and their doppelganger feel self-conscious.

Coat: River Island at ASOS (still available in some sizes) | jeans: YMI jeans | top: handmade | shoes: Primark

When I said you’ll be seeing a lot of this coat, I wasn’t lying – I genuinely think a bright pink jacket might turn out to be one of my most worn items over the next couple of months.  Let’s face it, it doesn’t look like summer will be arriving any time soon, so jackets are gonna be necessary for a while yet.  Dressing for this time of year is such a pain – wintery clothes just feels so wrong (and I refuse to wear tights after Easter purely out of stubbornness) but even I’m not daft enough to brave bare legs on the daily.  WHAT A CONUNDRUM.  A conundrum leaving you with jeans/trousers and tshirts to work with, so wouldn’t it be nice to mix things up with a nice bright coat?  Oh yes it would.  The Mean Girls know April is the time for a light jacket, and they weren’t wrong.

Not an awful lot else to say outfit wise really – nothing groundbreaking about jeans and a white top.  If it ain’t broke and all that.  What I will say though, is that of all the hand knitted, crocheted, and sewn items I’ve made over the years, this high-low hem top is probably my most worn ever.  It’s simple and at first glance doesn’t look anything special, but I shaped the waist to fit my body like a glove (and did a mighty fine job of it, if I do say so myself).  There’s something very satisfying about making something that fits YOU and only you. More of these tops needed I reckon, although I doubt anything would be worn quite so much as white.

And that, my friends, is all I have to share today – a pink coat that I love very much.  Busy week with modelling work, a hell of a lot of uni work, and a cheeky trip to Holland with my girls Ellie and Erin at the weekend, so I’m gonna love you and leave you.  Have a lovely week!

Lily Kate x

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    10th April 2018 at 2:43 pm

    That is a perfect coat! I really love it!

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    10th April 2018 at 2:45 pm

    It’s a very pretty coat

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