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together at Christmas? | #TogetherbyTS

So Christmas time, gifting time, cute-couples-doing-cute-Christmassy-things-and-posting-cute-photos time – whatever you want to call it.

When Thomas Sabo contacted me about their #TogetherbyTS campaign, I wondered what angle to take.  Obviously beautiful jewellery items like these are a perfect Christmas present – that goes without saying.  Look I’ve even hung the watch on the Christmas tree to show you just how perfect a combination they are!  Be it for a partner, best pal, or your fave family member – jewellery at Christmas is always a good idea.  Especially simple little pieces you can wear every day and don’t end up banished at the back of a cupboard never to be seen again.  However, like I said, everybody knows that; I wanted to think about something a little different on the topic of ‘togetherness’.  Namely, what’s better at Christmastime – having a partner to be ‘together’ with, or being single and without the relationship strings?   Whether you’re Bridget Jones at Christmas with family members trying to fix you up, or have already picked out a christmas tree with your bf/gf and added a bauble with your names in a heart, there are pros and cons to each.

Being single

— You avoid the gift giving guessing games.  How much to spend?  You don’t want to seem stingy but don’t want to make them feel awkward if they’ve spent £20 and you’ve dropped a casual £200.  Do you buy presents if you’ve only just got together?  Does that seem too forward, but not getting anything seems like you’re making a point?  How personal a gift do you choose?  Generic gift to keep it simple or something personal that shows you’re taking things seriously?  Do you give their family a Christmas card?  Gahh so many questions.

— It’s a hell of a lot cheaper.  Whether you get spendy on presents for each other or not, there’s gonna be extra costs to having an extra person in your life.

— Scenario: You’re in a relationship but don’t (yet) live together.  Two options:  rush between two houses on Christmas day, or spend it apart.  Not so ideal.  When do you exchange presents?  Whose house do you want to wake up at?  At least us single pringles can stay in one place and chill the hell out all day.

On the other hand…

— It’s a sentimental time to be spending in the company of… yourself.  Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – everyone seems to get super happy and lovey dovey – Christmas can just seem like such a cute coupley time – although it’s also a bloody good time for having fun with your mates too, so swings and roundabouts

— Mistletoe is redundant.  Unless you grab a passing stranger (fair play to you if you do), Mistletoe is just a reminder of having nobody to kiss.

Coupled up at Christmas

— It can actually be quite fun to think of fun presents and choosing something special that you know they’ll really like.  Why not go to town on the cute wrapping and all eh?  Gotta love watching someone open a present you know they’ll absolutely love but 100% weren’t expecting.

— 2 lots of Christmas celebrations.  What could be better than one Christmas dinner, except maybe two christmas dinners? Any excuse double up on (double servings of) roast potatoes.

— It’s the time for starting cute traditions together and being kinda cheesy but it’s not really cheesy because it’s Christmas so it’s OK.

— You can enjoy the perfect mix of extra fun drinks out (because putting #festive in front of any snazzy cocktail makes it a whole lot snazzier) and cosy time in together by the christmas tree with blankets and chocolate (jazzed up #festive Netflix and chill because you know, why not).  Ain’t nobody gonna compain about that.

But then again…

— You might get thrown in at the deep end in a relationship you’re not 100% sure about yet.  You were just giving it a couple of weeks to see how things go, and suddenly you’ve met their auntie’s step-mum’s sister’s dog and basically have your name on the family tree.  Bit of an eeeeek awkward moment if you decide after Christmas you’re just not sure but their fam has already started planning your wedding.

— Traditions are great if they’re yours, but can seem just plain weird if they’re anyone else’s.  I mean, I don’t think my family has any ~weird~ traditions, but maybe I don’t even realise and a newcomer would find us complete oddballs.  Of course this can work both ways, and you can end up doing Christmas in a different way that turns out to be fun.  But it could feel just plain strange and uncomfortable.

What’s the verdict – is Christmas just a coupley time when singletons should drown their sorrows in mulled wine, or is it the most wonderful time of year to be unattached and do whatever the hell you like?

Oh and if you do know a special someone – be it your BF/GF, bestest gal pal, your mum, or just yourself – who’d like a bit of sparkle in their lives, then I genuinely do think the #TogetherbyTS range is a super cute idea.  If you’re not one for having your initials engraved into a love heart (although Thomas Sabo do have that option too, if that’s your style) then there’s the more subtle symbolism of the interlocking circles available on a selection of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings in the Together collection.  Thomas Sabo also have a range of spirit watches and silver rings – exhibit A right here with my smart ‘lil watch, simple ring and Little Secret bracelet.  I don’t do gift guides but I’d definitely recommend these ones – let me know which piece you’d choose!

Lily Kate x

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This post is sponsored by Thomas Sabo – all opinions my own of course!

Photographs of me by Patryk Kott | Other photos my own

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