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youtube, at long last

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It’s taken me (more than) long enough to get my act together but hey, 3 new YouTube videos finally!  I blame the technical hiccups.  This time, THIS TIME, I won’t just upload one video then disappear off the face of the YouTube planet, seriously.  I. Will. Keep. It. Up.  I actually really enjoy filming and think that photos just don’t do some things justice in the way that video can, so I’ve no reason not to.

For the minute I’m still figuring out my style, so bear with if it changes a bit!  I’m preferring this style of video montage-y thing to standard vlogging for my travel ones though, and am gonna work on getting creative with editing.  Once I fully get my head around Adobe Premiere Pro.  Don’t think I’ve seen less intuitive software in my life!  After having a kerfuffle with Movavi, I, (in typical Lily style) decided to jump in at the deep end with Premiere, and kind of felt like I was looking at the cockpit of a plane when I first loaded the screen.  Many many buttons.  I’m learning, slowly, and I’m really happy with how parts of these turned out!  It’s gonna be a steep learning curve, that’s for sure.  Serious respect to the YouTubers who sling together snazzy videos every day.  You found a pill that eliminates the need for sleep or something?

Enough waffle, here are the vids, if you care to watch!  (Pls do.  And thumbs up if you fancy.  And subscribe if you have it in your heart <3 <3 <3)



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