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Just thought I’d change up my style a bit y’know.  I joke (sitting here wearing a jumper dress and tights like 6/7 days lately).  It’s fun to let other people style you and play dressup with a different look sometimes though!  These shots are from a test shoot with Joseph Clarkson back in January and I really like how different they look!  Can’t say I’ll be rocking pinstripe pants and green eyeshadow every day from here on out but you never know.  Very different to my usual vibes. 😛

Anyway, despite my attempts to pull off the quirky styling and resting bitch face look, I know full well that I’ll never be the cool girl.  That’s totally fine with me!  I really am a bit of an old soul (and I don’t even believe in souls) – granny before her time over here.  Here’s all the ways I’m 19 going on 90 – let me know if any of you can relate!

I’ve never even watched High School Musical for god’s sake.  That one seems to astound people.  So nope, can’t say I know any of the words!  I’ve seen Mean Girls (once) if that’s slightly redeeming.

I never went through any teenage phases – still plenty to be embarrassed by but no typical ‘phases’ thank god.  I’m seeing this lack of teenage coolness as a blessing!

I 100% chose Discovery Kids over the Disney Channel every day as a kid.  Frickin loved Mystery Hunters.

I’m in no rush to move out for ‘independence’.  This gal’s perfectly happy living at home for the time being and didn’t fancy the university lifestyle anyway.  I’m sure I could manage perfectly well by myself if I needed to, but for now I’m good to stay!

I don’t watch TV and genuinely couldn’t tell you which remote turns the bloody thing on.

I’ve never been to a festival and don’t really see the appeal in 4 days of mud/cold/hangovers/no sleep/the rest of it.  I’ll pass thanks.

I’m probably always a little bit overdressed.  My motto is definitely better overdressed than underdressed so hey ho. Those cool girl, laid back, ‘oh I made zero effort but still look fabulous’ vibes just don’t work for me because I just look like a slob and feel like a mess lol.  Can’t remember the last time I wore leggings and a hoodie anywhere but the gym!

I’m the clumsiest ditsiest person ever and if you’re out with me then you will need to check every 30 seconds that I don’t have lipstick on my teeth/chin/eyebrows.  Not cool yet not sophisticated either.  God help me.

I don’t understand the need for nights out to start at 12, finish at 5, and mess up your sleeping pattern for the next 2 days – what’s the need?  Who started this trend?  I had this conversation whilst out for drinks with Tasmin a few weeks ago, when we were perfectly happy to go out at 8 and come home at 12.  Suited us just fine.  Seriously though, if someone can explain the need to go nocturnal for a night out then that would be fab

I still call my parents mummy and daddy with absolutely no shame whatsoever.

I knit.  And crochet.  And sew.  Much as granny knitter stereotypes have died down over the last few years they’re still kicking about, and I still don’t care.  I’ll admit I’ve been slacking lately, but little summer pieces are my favourite to make anyway.  Might whip up another couple of these cropped tops soon!  But yes, I’m the equivalent of the grandma you hand your clothes to when they need fixing.  Don’t know why I’m good with a needle and thread, but I am (she says after sending mother off to work at school on World Book Day wearing a perfectly pleated and gathered Red Riding Hood cape).

I’m not really about brand labels and really not a fan of wearing big logos to look ‘cool’.  You won’t catch me paying 3x the price for the sake of a name on the front, anyway.

I don’t hide when I like someone and can’t be arsed with ‘playing it cool’ kind of games. Tell me I’ve got ‘no chill‘ or call me a keen bean, whatever floats your boat!

And yes I bloody LOVE my rocking chair but I’m telling you, don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.  That thing is the bomb.

Photographer: Joseph Clarkson | MUA: Alicia Reynolds | Styling: Georgina DSilva / Ellen Roberts

The cool kids wear bras over their shirt, don’t you know.

Any fellow teenage grannies out there?

lily kate x

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