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Boxing day, that is.  Hope everybody had a merry Christmas, or a happy Friday if festivities aren’t your thing!  I thought about photographing my Christmas day but decided not to bother with blogging for a day.  Was nice to just for once forget about the camera and ‘making the most of it’ and make the most of the most chilled day I’ve had in ages instead!  There were only 5 of us so ‘chilled’ worked just nicely.  Best word to describe my day.  Everybody opens presents in a chilled way, taking it in turns with a brew in hand.  How all things in life should be done tbh.  Everybody knows what Christmas dinner and the accompanying food coma look like anyway – no need to snap that!  And nosey as I am about others’ ‘What I got for Christmas’ hauls, I’m gonna share some of the bits and pieces in various posts over the next few weeks instead.  Thank you everybody who gave me presents, you all know me so well!  Hope y’all liked your pressies from me too. 🙂

ETA: Just checked my blog from last year and realised I wrote pretty much the exact same thing last Boxing Day.  Tradition, eh!  Threw myself back into working out this morning too, just like last year.  I also have a cold again, but I’m all sniffly and drowsy this time rather than cough-y.  Lucky me!  Only sneezed about 150 times today.

This year I took chilled to a whole new level and spent most of Christmas day colouring.  Yes, I’m incredibly late to the party, but my god it’s addictive.  Johanna Basford‘s Secret Garden book kept me entertained for hours and I felt about 6 years old but loved it.  I actually read one of my new books in bed too – I’m the worst for buying books then not making time to read them!  Gonna try my best to make 2016 the year I waste less time on the internet and more time in a book.  Less time muddling through half-productive, half procrastination.

My 2016 mission is to do less, but better, put simply.  More actual relaxing time and fully ‘switched on’ time.  If you ‘switch off’ properly, you’ll be able to ‘switch on’ better, right?  Maybe I’m getting too caught up in my own metaphors (as usual).  I think hope taking a step back and stop trying to find inspiration, and let it come to me instead should work better.  Hopefully.  According to my uncle I have ‘the most get-up-and-go’ he’s ever known, but sometimes I feel like I need a better way to use it!

And on that note, time to crack on with that stack of past papers (just like last year) too.  Except this year’s are 10x harder.  Time for my brain to come out of chilled mode. 🙂

lily kate x

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    26th December 2015 at 5:38 pm

    Merry Christmas, Lily!

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