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lily diaries | 13th december


Feels like ages since my last diary post!  Definitely catchup time. 🙂  I’ve had a crazy busy week, had lots of fun, and taken my camera everywhere, duhh.  Some photos turned out better than others but they’re all good for the memories!


Monday night with friends, home cooked food, Articulate and Prosecco.  Felt like a real life FRIENDS episode.  Also felt like proper adults driving off to Sainsbury’s for wine and carrot cake on a Monday night, then getting really into our board game.  Adulthood, come at us haha.  I’ve decided I like age 18 so far.  Best of both worlds. 🙂


What can you do when you want a pic but the squad wants food?


I started my textiles final piece – a bra and knickers set!  Working with my sexy tea party theme. 😛  So far I’ve spent half my time pinning mini pieces of crochet lace onto a mannequin in a vaguely breast-covering shape, but we’re getting there.  Oh and making my own lace with soluble fabric, which takes FOREVER but I like how it turns out.


Spent a good few hours looking at this very view this week!


Skip a few days to Friday and Beth’s very cute very yummy birthday cake.  White chocolate and raspberry!


… And then skip another few hours to getting ready in Beth’s oh-so-cute bedroom for a meal out.


We froze our butts off waiting at the train station for a while then popped off to Manchester.


For food, obviously!  Mexican this time.  I’ve found such a lovely group of friends this year! <3



Gotta make the most of the selfie screen flip screen haven’t you.


My dad’s work’s Christmas Do happened to be near the Christmas Markets on the same night, so I popped off to join them after our meal!  Always interesting to find out what your parents say about you to others haha.


Quick cliché snap on our way back to the train station!  The late train home on a Friday night is an interesting one let me tell you.  Standing up in the aisle surrounded by a huge group of young teenagers belting out Christmas songs, whilst bumping into the person squished next to you approximately 50 times, love it.


Double birthdays so double birthday celebrations!  Any excuse to wear this long dress and I’m all over it.  I was pretty happy with how my makeup turned out too, if I do say so myself!  Really really really liking this Urban Decay Matte Revolution lipstick.  Really liking it.


I have the most beautiful friends!


Don’t I?  Ladies in red looked v foxy. 😛


Reunited with my best friend in the whole wide world on Saturday, after a whole 6 days apart!


So yeah, I took lots of photos!  I think they give you a good idea of our night.  (Top notch)


Yeahhhhhh……. 😀


Did say I was one of those huggy people!


And a final shoutout to Dan – yes you can be on my blog!  Today, by contrast, looked like this:


And lots of it.  Safe to say I’ve had to get my head down today.  Thank you everyone for making this week a good one, and happy birthday (again) Beth and Georgia!

lily kate x

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