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Guys guys guys I have a summer outfit to share that I didn’t freeze to death shooting.  I think Spring might have actually… arrived?  AT LONG LAST.  And long may it last (I really bloody hope so anyway).

You know that one person who waltzes in after everyone else, seems really boring, but somehow manages to steal the show?  That’s this tshirt.  A plain white tshirt that was added to my rather extensive collection of cream and white tops about 6 weeks ago, and has knocked all the others out of the game (she types, whilst wearing this very tshirt *again*).  I keep putting outfits together then thinking ‘nah this would look better with that white tshirt’, and then somehow feeling guilty about all the other clothes that have been relegated by this intruder.  Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels ‘clothes guilt’ and reassure me that I have some measure of sanity, please.

tshirt: Moves by Minimum c/o Debenhams | skirt: c/o Moves by Minimum | shoes: Primark | jacket: TK Maxx (old)

So why is Dream White Tee so dreamy?   The answer lies in the shape.  Personally I’m not really a fan of tshirts that hide my waist, so I only wear big baggy ones I can tie in a knot, or fitted ones that cling nicely.  Who knew a simple set of darts have the power to make a completely plain white tshirt oh-so-perfect?  I’ve received comments and compliments pretty much every time I’ve worn it so y’know, my white tee game is strong these days.  It shall continue to be a fundamental part of my summer uniform I have no doubt, and I’m tempted to get the green version too, however I am aware that green makes me look like I’m having liver issues so maybe not.

As for the skirt, first things first – it has pockets.  Petition for every skirt ever to be made with pockets please.  I actually first tried a version of this outfit on at the newly opened Brand Market in Preston Debenhams, but chose to push the boat out a little further and came home with a jazzy red ruffled asymmetric skirt to accompany the white tee rather than this simple and wearable one.  And then I realised this one actually comes in 23682 colours (well, 16, but close enough) and then it had to be mine.  In the spirit of keeping things simple, I chose the grey faux suede version, and jazzed the outfit up a teeny bit with yellow shoes.  Yellow shoes that I’m still not 100% sure about, that is – would this getup have looked better with trainers?  Quite possibly.  Oh well.  Providing the sunny weather of this week sticks around (wishful thinking, but one can hope), I imagine this skirt will see almost as much wear as Dream White Tee already has.  I’m all for ditching jeans for skirts when Spring rolls around and exposing my legs to vitamin D at any opportunity, but the paranoia of wondering whether your arse is on show isn’t exactly my favourite part of summer.  Cue constant touching of the back of your skirt just to check it’s still there and not tucked in your knickers, right?  So many skirts out there atm are just so damn short (and flippy, thus increasing the likelihood of a Marilyn moment tenfold), and whilst I’m neither a prude nor averse to flashing a bit of flesh, I am rather tall and prefer to maintain some form of dignity where possible.  So I’ll sing the praises of skirts that are just the perfect length forever and a day.

Both of these items are from Danish range Moves by Minimum, which I’ve fallen a wee bit in love with lately, (although not gonna lie, the items look way better in person than on the website).   I’m trying to pay attention to different retailers atm; it’s easy to just consider your Topshop, ASOS, Primark etc. because they’re the places we’ve known of since the year dot, but I’m really trying to keep my eyes peeled for others.  However, aside from the occasional cheeky ASOS order, I prefer an old school actual browse in an actual shop than a cruise through my laptop, which makes finding different brands slightly more difficult.  TK Maxx has kind of become my ‘thing’ (which you’ll know if you watch my Instagram stories and see how ridiculously high I pile my try on basket in there), and it’s where I seem to find items that aren’t elsewhere on the high street.  My style isn’t exactly ‘out there’ (plain white tee and grey skirt, you don’t say!), but I do like items that are just that little bit different.  Like I mentioned, I first came across Moves by Minimum as a concession in Debenhams and loved the simple-but-flattering Danish style.  If wearing Scandi designed clothes will bring me one step closer to being an effortlessly stylish Scandi girl, then I’m all for it.  The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in the background might give me away, but hey ho.

TL;DR: a lotta love for a tshirt and a skirt, basically.  Opinions on the yellow shoes on a postcard please.  I’m currently at a conference centre for a ‘Residential Revision Weekend’ for university and yesterday’s talks only finished at 10pm, so let’s just say I’m saving my mental capacity for today’s 9am-9pm revision sessions.  I’m gonna need it.  Shall return with something slightly more profound to say shortly.  Have a lovely weekend guys and gals!

Lily Kate x

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    21st April 2018 at 7:14 pm

    Hope to see you on my Fancy Friday link up party!

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