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life lately and accepting you can’t do everything at once

So, hi blog.  It feels like ages since I’ve properly been into the swing of blogging, so I’m now gonna do that super annoying thing and apologise for my absence, when nobody probably noticed and/or cared.  Life catchup time, anyway!

Since coming home from Milan (which I wrote about here and you should defo go read), I feel like I’ve been playing catchup and trying to keep my head above water.  Funnily enough that happens when you disappear out the country for 4 days in the first week of uni, who’d have thought it? I spent time with family and friends, and had to throw myself head first into second year work rather than dedicating a chunk of time to the ol’ blog like I did over summer.  One particular module went straight in at the deep end sooner than I was expecting, but it’s interesting stuff so it’s OK.  To collect data I’ll be remotely using a telescope in Tenerife tonight, so that’s a bit different to my usual photography!  It’s the first time it’s actually sunk in that I’m studying something so massive (doesn’t seem as interesting in a textbook) so hopefully it’ll go well and I’ll have some lovely images of stellar clusters to work with.  Shall report back.

Last week I also ended up in Manchester 3 times for last minute jobs and test shoots, so haven’t exactly been sat on my arse.  90% of my degree will have been done on Northern Rail, I tell you.  (Fancy a collab, Northern?).  The dreaded lurgy also visited my whole family last week, and being blocked up with a cold just took it out of me a bit.  Everything feels like so much more effort when you can’t bloody breathe properly.

Right now I feel like I’m just making excuses for having not blogged, when I know it really doesn’t matter.  The thing is though, I know I’m capable of doing a better job of this balancing act.  I know I can be more productive.  I know I can manage my time better.  I literally tell myself about 10 times a day to sort myself out and get my shit together.  I’m my own worst critic, seriously.  It’s a fine line between being too hard on yourself, and not living life to your full potential, and right now I’m just figuring out how to tow it.  I need to accept that being a full time student whilst blogging, doing modelling bits and bobs, spending time with friends and family, keeping fit and generally living life might be challenging sometimes.  Some weeks one thing or another might have to give, and that’s ok.  Many people juggle far more, I know (hats off to them for managing it), but whilst I adjust to uni again it’s proving a bit of a challenge.  Hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll settle into a better routine and manage to tick more items off my to do list every day.  Kinda feel like I’m coasting along at the moment, and that does not a satisfied Lily make.

I should probably stop rambling now and go do some maths or see to those 83 half-finished blog posts in my drafts folder… leave me your best time management/prioritising/balancing life tips please!

lily kate x

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    30th October 2017 at 6:43 pm

    Perfect fall outfit!


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