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Black printed t-shirts worn by girl group


No way any other class of mine could’ve had fun like this!  When the lovely Anna from Leavershoodies.com contacted me about collaborating, I knew the project would be perfect for this class.  I highly doubt the boys in my physics would’ve been as willing to don matching attire, anyway!  Leavershoodies are a Brighton based company producing far more than just hoodies for school/college leavers – although hoodies were a tempting idea, too – and they genuinely do offer an exceptional design and order service.  I’ve been asked to write an honest review, and am doing exactly that!  They’re a really friendly company to work with, that I’d 100% recommend.  Not only to school or college groups either; I could see the t-shirts idea working great for hen parties too, matching PJ shorts for groups of friends (y’know, if you fancy matching bums), or even just your own more subtle personalised design on a sweatshirt.  We brainstormed a vague idea (kinda based on an inside joke but shhh), then passed it onto their team to create a design.  And hoped they wouldn’t find our daft slogan too cringeworthy.  Because like matching t-shirts aren’t cheesy enough, we had to go for a super cheesy line on the back too, you see!  Plus our initials on the front.  Debra is our teacher btw, just to make some sense of it haha.


It’s already been decided that we’re all gonna wear them on next year’s exam day!


We all came back on Monday morning saying how much we’d missed this class!  I love how there are only 10 of us and every lesson is a laugh. 😀



Now that first year is done and dusted but we’re back in college (yep, seems odd, tell me about it), we’re at least getting a gentle headstart on second year work.  Just moodboards and research for now.  I chose my theme straight away, similarly to my last unit when I’d decided before even properly starting the project that my final piece was gonna be an all-white extravaganza.  I stuck to it. 🙂  Once an idea’s in my head that’s it, I’m fixated on it.  This time round I’ve gone for the Afternoon Tea theme, but hopefully a boudoir (kinda) take on it to mix things up on it.  Pinterest board is overflowing with ideas already.  Hopefully this will be a good one!  When Anna originally contacted me she mentioned my positivity about my textile course befitting the brand’s emphasis on education; I’ll admit that sometimes it’s the absolute bane of my life and I come home never wanting to sew another stitch, but it’s still my fave!

Big thanks to Leavershoodies.com for the collaboration 😀

lily kate x

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