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settling into the next step | adjusting to my new found freedom

Ferris wheel against very blue sky.

Happy Friday guys and gals.  I actually started handwriting this post in my blog planner the other day – it was OMG 30 DEGREES and there was no way on earth I was missing out on that delightful weather and I couldn’t see my laptop screen.  The last time I remember 30 degrees on British soil was in Scotland in 2014, where I got the worst sunburn I’ve ever had.  In Scotland.  Not Florida, or Lanzarote, or Majorca… Scotland.  Muasdale beach was an absolute heaven.

UK teen blogger wearing Frost French frill swimsuit at Muasdale Beach Argyll Scotland

So there’s the backstory for ya.

I’m having a bit of a funny time adjusting to this new found freedom of mine.  I had grand ideas about the 50 thousand things I’d now be able to do, but the days seem to be slipping through my fingers.  Like ‘Whattt, it’s 6pm already and how the heck did that happen” kind of feelings.  Once or twice I’ve actually slept in until about 8am, and that’s absolutely bloody absurd for me.

[ETA: I wrote this on Tuesday.  Woke up at 6:30 every day since.  Think the real Lily is on her way back.]

Exercising every. damn. day is a good habit that I’ve got into again and am gonna try my hardest to keep up.  I mean, I usually work out at least 3 times a week (absolute minimum, usually 5) anyway when I’m at home, but endorphins every day are making me feel so much better.   Since living near a gym and a park with an ‘outdoor gym’, I’ve been taking myself out the house for every workout, which is great (fresh air and human interaction and all that) but it means my whole workout takes loads more time.  Don’t want to just throw unbrushed hair into the messiest bun known to man and head to the gym in a hideous outfit, do I?  Home workouts though, well I can do them in shorts and sports bra with a scruffy bun, and be done in half the time.  Therefore no excuse not to.  Therefore every day workout.  Winner.  I’ve also been walking places I’d usually get the bus.  Lots of walking at the minute.  I feel like it’s doing me good.

I’ve realised just how much work goes into running a blog, and how easy it is to get sidetracked by the ‘peripheral’ stuff and realise that oops, haven’t actually blogged in 3 days and I’m a failure so bye bye internet.  I’m already wondering how the hell I managed to post several times a week alongside college and exams.  Which feels like soooo long ago already.  Maybe I’m just an incredibly slow writer or something.  I guess you just do what you gotta do, don’t you?  Everything works out in the end and you manage somehow or other.

For the minute, I’m just dipping my toe into blogging full time before I start my degree in September.  Including all the definitely-not-instagrammable stuff like expenses spreadsheets and tax registrations and adult-y things like that.  3 years down the blogging line and only now can I dedicate my full attention to it.  Guess it’s expected that it’d take some time to settle in!  In the meantime, I’m figuring out what’s my best plan of attack.  What you guys want to see, basically.  Short, snappy posts more often, or fewer but longer rambly ones?  Gotta stick to writing what you enjoy but it doesn’t hurt to ask what you’d like to see most. 🙂

Bear with me whilst I sort myself out, would ya?   All the love.

lily kate x

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