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Very smily teep close up portrait


Patriotic or what today!   Red white and blue is hardly the most original combination but works every time.  Red lipstick seems to switch on super-smiley mode too haha, cheesy grins all round!  I love cheeky vintage-y styles. 😀


top: Primark | jeans & shoes: New Look


Loving these little bardot cropped tops from Primark!  Always one or two items every season that are worth having in a couple of colours.  Primark are good with that kind of thing.


These are amongst the most boring shoes in existence but I’ve decided they’re like the style Baby wears in Dirty Dancing and she’s totally my style icon of the moment.  Seen that film far too many times already but I’m always a little obsessed for a while after rewatching!  Baby’s my summer inspiration.  Patrick Swayze as Johnny isn’t too hard on the eye either, but Baby’s style is where it’s at!  Fave film ever 😀


Full length #ootd shots are a struggle in my bedroom!


 I’d planned to revise at home on my study day tomorrow, but turns out I have to go into college so that put a mild downer on my Tuesday.  So much better knowing you have the next day off!  Tuesday nights used to be like mini Friday nights (if you get what I mean) but all this exams and deadlines blah blah means bye-bye Wednesdays at home.


Feels like I’m blabbing on about exams loads, sorry!  I would say they’re all consuming at this time of year but I guess that’d be a lie.  Obviously education, qualifications, exams etc. etc. are ridiculously important and I wouldn’t take that for granted, but they’re not the be all and end all so I’d hesitate to let revision stop me from having a life.  Moderation is key; that’s what I’m gonna go with anyway!  For now I’m quite happy to still go out at weekends, have chilled evenings in with good company, continue with home workouts and gym classes and kill the odd hour in a sunny beer garden.  Alongside hours doing practice exam questions in the sun, naturally.  Everything’s just so much better (or at least more tolerable) when the sun’s shining isn’t it?

lily kate x

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    Hollie Garner
    21st April 2015 at 11:31 pm

    i dont know how you can consistantly post such amazing outfits! This one is gorgeous too as well as all the rest lol! You really are incredible honey! Love DD, it is the best film ever xx

    • Reply
      lily kate
      26th April 2015 at 7:33 pm

      Thank youuuu Hollie! You’re too kind honestly 😀 Yes, best film!

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