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tall girl problems (and perks!)


I’ll say straight up that I know there are a million and one of these articles out there already.  Nothing original, I know!  There’s a whole Tumblr dedicated to it and I’ve never read anything SO DAMN TRUE.   In a ‘omg yes yes yes somebody understands!!!’ kinda way.  However, after trying on the 5th outfit in a row that looked like a child’s costume on me, I felt it time I add my own two penneth.  (Who even says that?  Have I morphed into an old man or something?  A TALL old man?)  So yes, I felt like writing a spiel and compiling my faves, and here we are!  MY top #TallGirlProblems, with a few #TallGirlPerks thrown in to balance it out a bit too.


— Tall = long legs.  Or not!  Well, not necessarily anyway.  These bizarre tall-girl-long-body specimens have a hell of a hard time finding high-waisted ANYTHING.  Hello, belly button on show!

— On the topic of jeans: clothes on the shop rail in length regular, short and… that’s it.  Why tease?

— Public transport seats – need I say more?  Obviously I’m no 6’6 guy so legroom (or lack of) isn’t too bad, but the headrest seems to be perfectly shaped for those with bodies a whole lot shorter than mine.  Cue awkward neck-being-pushed-forward position for a good few hours.  Mmmm comfy.

Group photos.  Ohhh I do enjoy looking like a giant.  (Hint: don’t stand on the end.  The bookend thing isn’t great).

Dresses, aka long tops.  Real nice to find a dress that actually covers your butt.

Standing up on buses.  Do love a good head tilt or smacking my brains on a handrail.  Such fun!

 Only wear heels if EVERYBODY is wearing heels and everybody is 4 inches taller therefore heels make no difference.  Because you’ve double checked on the group chat that heels are safe, just to make sure, y’know.  Much as I’d like to say ‘wooo embrace thy body love thy height wear thy heels!’, in my experience, I just feel daft.

1 inch chunky boots count as heels.  That’s a whole inch. A WHOLE INCH.

Wearing heels looks dressy.  Idk why.  That ‘casual heels’ thing just doesn’t work.

Kicking people under the desk happens a lot.  Accidentally, obvs.  Or maybe that’s just clumsiness ’cause my legs aren’t even that long?  Either way, sorry guys.  I don’t mean to.

Playsuits.  Jumpsuits. Wedgie givers.

Small boys.  I’m sorry, you’re lovely, but I just can’t.  Some can (go you, tall girl short guy couple!), but no.  Those couple of inches clear make me so much more relaxed.

Tall guys with small girls.  Erm, go find someone your own size?  Our options are limited, we don’t want you stealing from our limited pool!  Tall guys do seem to like the petite ones, don’t you think?

Slouching at desks.  I try my best not to slouch because it’s just sloppy, but sometimes desks are just too low and a weird slouch/lean hybrid is the only option.  With a complementary bad back. 😀 😀 😀

Bad backs in general.  Sure there’s a correlation!

Generally feeling like an idiot when you happen to be around exceptionally small people.

Long hair doesn’t even look long.  My hair would reach my bum if my body was normal length!  Imagine!


A long body stretches you out.  I eat so much and I’d be a hell of a lot chubbier if I didn’t have those extra inches to spread it out over!  Although maybe if I was smaller I wouldn’t have such an appetite… nah I probably would.  It’d take more to change that.

You get taken seriously.  Obviously I can’t speak from a short girl’s experience, but from what I’ve gathered, being cute and small and adorable can be annoying when you don’t get taken seriously for being basically kid-sized.

People assume you’re older.  Kinda cool when you’re 10 and get away with watching a 15-rated film (ooo so rebellious lol).  This one has its perks. 😉

Getting away with flats when everyone else is suffering in heels.  Oh you poor thing in your platform stilettos!

Seeing over everybody’s heads.  Often handy.  Sorry for being the human giraffe in the cinema.

Clothes don’t drown you.  Sure, you usually dwarf the clothes instead, but hello maxi skirts!

Being good at hugs, apparently!

Anddddd I can’t think of any more off the top of my head.  Let me know if you have any to add to the list – or a short girl’s opposite problems!  [Just to clarify, I’m 5’11, so hardly the world’s tallest gally, but still rather lengthy.  I think I’d have a different personality if I was small.  I can’t imagine it.]

lily kate x

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  • Reply
    14th September 2015 at 9:43 pm

    This made me chuckle 🙂 I am on the total opposite end of the spectrum to you, being barely 5ft 2! Re the tall guys/petite girls, sorry haha! My ex was 6ft 1 so! You are so right about taller people being taken seriously – I look about 15 on a good day, so parents of the kids I teach never realise I am 21 and talk down to me. Cue very embarrassed parents when they find out I am actually an adult and they cannot treat me like a child!

    I loved reading about tall vs short from a tall gal’s perspective – you rock those heels if you want to!

    • Reply
      lily kate
      27th September 2015 at 11:08 am

      Hehe I’m glad! Do you think your personality would be different if you were tall? I really can’t imagine life from a 5’2 perspective haha 😀
      I bet it’s satisfying to tell them you’re actually 21 and watch their faces!

  • Reply
    15th September 2015 at 2:35 am

    You haven’t hit on this one yet, but if/when you start working in a male dominated field, wear those heels! It’s very hard for someone to talk down to you when you’re looking them in the eye.

    Ask me how I know (lol).

    • Reply
      lily kate
      27th September 2015 at 11:09 am

      haha I’ll remember that for the future! Definite tall girl perk – I bet being petite in a male dominated field makes things such a pain!

  • Reply
    15th September 2015 at 2:54 am

    i feel you girl i’m 5’8″ and agree with you on every point.

    • Reply
      lily kate
      27th September 2015 at 11:10 am

      tall girl hi 5 😀

  • Reply
    15th September 2015 at 4:00 am


    I’m 5’10. So, I totally understand everything on this list. However, I have an young face so I still have problems with people taking me seriously sometimes. I love heels and wear them so that I can tower over people, best thing ever. And clothes thing will always be an issue.

    • Reply
      lily kate
      27th September 2015 at 11:11 am

      Glad it isn’t just me! One day the tall ranges will actually have the good stuff eh 😀

  • Reply
    16th September 2015 at 3:31 pm

    ….Perk of being a tall girl – Jealousy from short 5’1 girls like me. Hahaha! Tall people look cool and effortless and awesome all the time.

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin’

    • Reply
      lily kate
      27th September 2015 at 11:13 am

      I only wish that was the case! You see one point I missed is that tall often = clumsy and prone to falling over, the exact opposite of cool and effortless haha! I didn’t realise you were 5’1 – you don’t look petite in your photos or stood next to others! Are most people in Brunei on the shorter side?

  • Reply
    17th September 2015 at 9:51 pm

    Im sure you could look fab in a bin bag (obviously the wheelie bin size or it could get a bit messy). xxx

    • Reply
      lily kate
      27th September 2015 at 11:17 am

      haha this made me chuckle! Thank you very much, although I highly doubt it!

  • Reply
    18th September 2015 at 5:49 pm

    Lol… I’m stuck right in the middle! Not super tiny but not tall either – does that mean I get the best of both worlds? 😛

    • Reply
      lily kate
      27th September 2015 at 11:24 am

      I do believe it does! You’re the perfect height for clothes too – I bet you’ve never really had to discount things purely because there’s no way they’ll fit 😀

  • Reply
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  • Reply
    22nd March 2018 at 6:09 pm

    i’m 15 and i am around the 5’8″ – 5’9″ range so i relate. I’m actually wearing pants but they are too short on me so i roll them up. But the older thing makes it way better to find taller guys until they realize how old you are. So people generally talk to me like i am 18 but when i tell them I’m 15 they seem surprised that i actually comprehend some college work they tell me about. I usually get offended but it’s whatever. On the taller guy note, I generally go for 6’2″ and over and the guys 6’2″ go for me. I sound really conceited don’t I O.o my bad

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