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Very different tone to yesterday’s post – I’m not miraculously OK already by any stretch of the imagination, but I did still have a great night on Monday.  So I’ll just focus on that for now.  The Press Tent hosted a ‘Bloggers Bazaar’ in Manchester and I met lots of people and brands and had a fun time.  So yeah, a roundup of the event for tonight’s Blogmas. 🙂


You’ve probably gathered by now that I’m that person who’s always in a rush, always on the last lap, always has something go wrong, etc.  9 out of 10 times I am.  But, BUT!  Monday night I turned up EARLY and without forgetting anything.  Well done me.  Perfect timing to be the first for a glass of sparkling rose. 😉


Just in time to nosy around all the brands too – these lovely ladies at C.A.K.E Cosmetics were so sweet!  Thanks for topping up my lipstick gals. 😀



Without going all cheesy and embarrassing myself, I’d have to say it’s the people who make the night.  Cool venue (Yard & Coop in the Northern Quarter) and cool products, but a friendly atmosphere is the best part!  Turning up on my own was no problemo, ’cause everyone’s there to mingle and chat anyway so randomly introducing yourself is no biggie.  Love it. We all have this blogging thing in common and all understand we’re not being antisocial by taking a million photos and going on your phone to quickly upload one.  Quick insta never hurt anyone.  But yeah, I’ve always felt like the bloggy community is (usually) a super friendly one online, and it seems that way IRL too. 😀



Including Sophie, who I’ve chatted to online for ages but we only just met properly.  Our science vlog for my internship never happened in the end but at least we could chat science (amongst other things) over mulled wine eventually.


I’d say this photo sums up reactions when food was brough out.  Straight in there!


I want this hat.  I’ve gained a slight obsession with bobble hats lately and this StyleSkin one matched my lipstick so it’s made for me.


I asked the bartender to surprise me and found myself with a ginger, wasabi and amaretto cocktail in hand.  Glad I tried it, but glad I stuck to mulled wine afterwards, put it that way!


Much better!


‘I got 99 hair grips but I can’t find one’ – Rock On Ruby, you know me so well.  Had to buy that one!


Cute (and very talented!) calligraphy by ArtsyNibs, followed by a pitiful attempt of mine, not worthy of photographing.


Oh yeah, I finally got that tattoo I’d been waiting about 3 years for too!  Not the most dramatic of inks (it took 2 minutes lol) but I love it so much.  I now want more obviously, but I’m gonna hang fire until I find something else I really, really want.  Just sticking with this teeny tiny simple one for now. 😀


Gotta mention the goodie bag/ review box too!  These things definitely aren’t all about the goodie bag and the freebies, but this was a bloody good selection.  It’s fun having items chosen for you that you wouldn’t have thought of yourself!  And well, treats are lovely too. 😀  We received quite the variety of items, as you can see!


(Rosie Fortescue nail varnish in Man Eater)


Rather than turn this into an epic photo marathon (like it isn’t already) I’ll probably show a couple more goodie bag products over the next few weeks, and head off to sleep now because I’m shattered and just need bed.  After a big thank you to The Press Tent for inviting me, that is!  Fabulous job organising everything and inviting such lovely people.  At least this week has had some highlights. 🙂

lily kate x

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